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Academic Flailing

As you might expect, the fact that I wasn’t coping ended up being reflected in my grades.  The warning signs came even before that.

When my exams came up at the end of first year, I just knew that I was going to fail every single one of them.  779 palabras más

Joanna Trite


When one finds certain things beautiful,
other things become ugly.

When one finds certain things good,
other things become bad.

Being and nonbeing create one another. 185 palabras más


STRAY - Michail GUSULEAC and Safta SEREPNIC - #23

#23 refers to a house number in Lukavitza.

These are two children of Michail Gusuleac and wife Safta Serepnic from house #23, both marrying in 1906. 121 palabras más


☆ Sam Smith concert ☆


Life has been so busy I forget to post about Sam Smiths concert. Which I attended back in April. I went after work on a Friday and fell even more in love with him and his music. 152 palabras más