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poly beginnings

the start of a blog marks the beginning of more nonsense by daniel, thanks for tolerating.

but in all seriousness, poly had just begun and i just had my first few classes. 264 palabras más


FMP- 20~ Finalising Stages [02]

FMP- 20~ Finalising Stages

Now for something slightly easier. I’ve already gone through a few stages of my… stage design for at least the general stages. 322 palabras más


EDU 6526 Reflection: When Children Love to Learn

When a child has a learning environment that is stress-free, open and positive then the student is more likely to thrive in school. Students want to be able to connect with the lesson as well as their teachers and peers. 395 palabras más


FMP- 11~ Finalising Characters [02]

FMP- 11~ Finalising Characters

Went further with the designs. Mainly in colouring. Final and possible alternates. All Fighting Games have the option to change the way your character looks, mainly to prevent confusion in which character you are if you end up playing with the same character as your opponent. 684 palabras más