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Self Learning Assignment - Armani Maldonado

For my self-learning assignment I wanted to learn more about how to make realistic looking reflections and shadows in either portraits or just regular photos. I thought this would be important to learn because it can add some serious depth to a photo that otherwise did not have any. 90 palabras más

Ventura Robin - Self Learning - 02

For this assignment, I wanted to learn how to use Frequency Separation to retouch skin, because I was curious to know how it is that people retouch their photos either in professional work like a friend of mine does, or for personal use. 81 palabras más

Self learning

For this assignment, I decided to learn how to expand a photograph. I took an existing photo I had and changed it from the portrait orientation to a square without cropping anything out. 34 palabras más

Desi LeClair, Self-Learning assignment

For my self-guided learning, I looked for easy ways to remove small, unwanted elements from an image. I wanted to learn how to make an image look natural after you remove minor elements, without the edit being obvious. 96 palabras más

Zhiqi Ding Assignment 03

After the movie Avengers: Infinity War, the images with dispersion effect are very popular through the social media. I am really interested in how to make those type of images, so I learned this technique. 117 palabras más

Zhiqi Ding Assignment 02

For this assignment, I used Sandro Botticelli’s artwork named Portrait of a Young Woman. During the process of recontextualisation, I tried to put the modern makeup on her face – the red lip, the pinky cheek, and the eyeshadow. 26 palabras más

Desi LeClair Assignment 2

I found this sculpture of a soda fountain that’s an incredibly pretentious comment on capitalism. Since all the different soft drinks are deadly sins, I thought it would be funny if it was an actual soda fountain in hell. 33 palabras más