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Crocwoman is still making me Cry

ANOTHER WEEK? ANOTHER WEEK. WHAT A VAST INJUSTICe. CLEARly injustice such as this has never been seen before by the human eye . what a vast J O KE . 38 palabras más


very poetic indeed!

i walked home via the field,

a man skated past me on the path with a bouncing dog just about managing to keep up

similar to how i ran up to Horse-Eye earlier… 46 palabras más


a life of crocs, strict rules and crying in the shower

why have you assigned yourself this role only to complain about it? please, look after yourself. stop scrubbing the floor. nobody asked you to. it doesn’t need to be done. 91 palabras más


this is a very beautiful poem by Jo Shapcott we have to study for English (which kind of ruins it)

I’m standing here inside my skin,
which will do for a Human Remains Pouch
for the moment. Look down there (up here).
Quickly. Slowly. This is my front room… 283 palabras más


Cardi B Bodak Yellow Becomes #1 on Billboard Charts

Cardi B’s debut single for Atlantic Records has soared the charts and assumed the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Easily eclipsing Taylor Swift’s, “Look What You Made Me Do” is Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” 83 palabras más

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