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World Building

I thought a vertical world would be fun to try my hand at. I don’t know if I’ll use it for anything but it was interesting… 296 palabras más


Confessions of a Retail Associate END

With much difficulty I bring you the final edition of this series.

As of 7-22-2018 I am ending this series, it has become a dumping ground for my anger and hate which is not what it was meant to be. 51 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

Let's Talk: Stale Writing

I’ve been writing since 2012, at the start I saw improvement very quickly and I soon grew to love and adore my writing time, stories, and characters; but that was 6 years ago and now I’m fearing that my writing has staled. 97 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

Lake Girl

Rain pelts the filthy glass pane, beads of water run together and trickle down entrancing a small child who follows their patterns with small webbed fingers and large obsidian eyes. 814 palabras más


Fictional disease

Disease name: Phoenix plague

Symptoms: The first sign that you’ve contracted this horrible bacterial infection is insomnia. This first phase lasts weeks, till the point where you’ll become delirious, hallucinate, and have memory failures. 199 palabras más


Edges [161 words]

We’ve filled in the edges of the map, there is barely any space we have not tread upon, looked upon, or fought over. We have explored and learned everything could and because of it wonder has died. 127 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

Writing Prompt 17

From: Seventh Sanctum

Prompt: That manager was my worst enemy.

Managers are there to run the store, they are important and for the most part harmless but then there are managers like Sammy. 332 palabras más