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Confessions of a Retail Associate 33

My store is divided in 4 zones, the boundaries are unclear to me but I work in zone 3 which is men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, shoes, and housewares, for the four departments there are 3 department heads and no manager, sort of. 240 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

1,000 Words--or Less: Just One More. . . .

Just one more. . . .

Five years old and I’m staring at the lone cookie on grandma’s hand crafted ceramic plate. Baking day is my favorite day at grandma’s–especially cookie day. 459 palabras más


Missing [56 words]

I lost myself one day, out on a walk. Half of me took a step forward while the other half remained. I wander still looking for myself, the half that did not move. 25 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

Unused Story Idea 3


  • Name: Janet Pendle
    • Opening scene:
      • Age: 10
      • General: long, lank black hair, dirty, small, quiet
    • Story:
      • Age: 23
      • Looks:
        • Eyes: Green
        • Hair: Long, lank black hair…
  • 420 palabras más

Confessions of a Retail Associate 31+32

31- Food and Drink

Your rules are simple, no food or drink in the warehouse. I still have both. You say you’re going to crack down on the food in the warehouses. 281 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

My experience with Plan B

This is not medical advice, I am not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination.

My boyfriend and I made a mistake a few months back, we did not use protection and the pull out method was not effective. 452 palabras más

1000 Words Or Less

Character sheet 22

Maria Westin

  • Age: 35
  • Looks:
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Long, black
    • Skin: Pale
    • Height: Average
    • Build: Thin
  • Personality: mild mannered, smart, quiet, book worm
  • Fears: Small spaces…
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