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THE PURGE (James DeMonaco, 2013)

Terrible waste of an interesting premise. It was a cliche-ridden horror movie populated by idiots. Lena Headey deserved better.

And for a country with an annual murder spree, you’d think people would come up with much stronger security measures. 8 palabras más


THE INTERNSHIP (Shawn Levy, 2013)

One long Google commercial with a Hollywood ending. When did this pair stop being really funny?

I almost rolled my eyes out of their orbits while watching The Internship. 17 palabras más


BAR BOYS (Kip Oebanda, 2017)

Taking the Bar might be a more pleasurable experience. I could watch the great Odette Khan trying to make an affecting Carlo Aquino pee in his seat for an hour, but there just wasn’t enough going on here. 17 palabras más


THE HUSTLE (Chris Addison, 2019)

Pati si Anne Hathaway hirap kumita ng pera.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆