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The Ugly American (6)

I was thinking yesterday about Cinco de Mayo and how our country managed to use this relatively unimportant date in Mexican history to celebrate Mexican culture instead of choosing to honor a date that holds deeper meaning in Mexico, like… 406 palabras más

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How we celebrated Mexican Independence Day

Wow, we’ve had some major craziness in our lives (good craziness), so I’ve realized that we are really going to be light in our official sit-down homeschooling this year! 210 palabras más

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It is Independence Day in Mexico today. 205 years have passed since the start of the armed conflict which eventually succeeded in expelling the Spaniards from what was the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Nueva España), allowing Mexico, as an independent nation, to be born. 441 palabras más


Día de Independencia de México Preparation!

Mexican Independence Day is September 16th! If you have ties to Mexico, as our family does, you might have an objective for your family to just experience as much of authentic celebration as possible. 580 palabras más

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