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Galaxy Four

I have a new goal on Patreon – if we reach $25 per post, I’ll be covering the Second Doctor, and at $50 I’ll do a blog series covering ITV’s adaptation of… 4.113 palabras más

Doctor Who

The Lassie Problem: Where are the DVD's?

NOTE: This post is highly speculative, and may prove to be factually incorrect, and if I find out that it is, I’ll either edit it or remove it. 1.260 palabras más


March 1968 Mediterranean Cruise

A report of the school trip on a Mediterranean cruise, printed in the 1967-68 Chronicle magazine. 1.416 palabras más


2-Week Beauty Challenge from 1967

I found this book, Instant Beauty written in 1967, and it promises a more beautiful you inside and out in 14 days. I’m always skeptical of these kind of things, but it has some interesting beauty regimens, so I thought I’d give it a try (to the degree that it’s possible and healthy). 163 palabras más

The Silver Lining May Just be Yellow Stamps

Top Value – the stuff dreams were made of!

Not exactly cheerful times we’re living in. There’s a global pandemic, protests, murder hornets, fires in California, hurricanes in Florida and the start of the campaign TV commercial season. 1.194 palabras más

Kaiju and the Kid #5: Invasion of Astro-Monster

I’ve created a monster. My 3 year old son had friends over and threw an absolute fit that they weren’t all watching Godzilla together. One day, son, you will watch all sorts of movies with your friends, rest assured, and I do hope you’re lucky enough to fall in with a kaiju crowd. 371 palabras más


Hands-Off: Girl on the Run by Hillary Waugh (1965)

A small town community is shocked when an elderly woman is killed by her niece who flees taking the little money that was there in the house after stabbing her aunt. 294 palabras más

Vintage Mysteries