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Potential outlaw: 1963 Porsche 356 B T6

This 356 T6 Coupé is, in our opinion, much better than it could look at a first glance: it seems a solid car with a very nice color combo with one main issue. 111 palabras más

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A Legacy That Lives On..

On this day 54 years ago, the United States not only lost its President, but it also lost a true visionary for the future. A future he had planned from the moment he became President of the United States, until that fateful day in Dallas. 694 palabras más



In 1963 a gang of 15 men stole £2.6 million from a Royal mail train heading from Glasgow to London. It took meticulous planning from insider information and remains one of Britain’s most notorious crimes. 961 palabras más

Kennedy Assassinated! What were you doing on November 23 1963?

By the time The Christchurch Star was published on the afternoon of Saturday 23 November 1963, it would have been hard to find someone in Christchurch who had not already heard that the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been assassinated earlier that morning (7:00am New Zealand time). 830 palabras más



Today I’m Going To Write About 35th President Of United States Of India.  A PERIOD OF 50 YEARS OR HALF A CENTURY Of His Assassination Is Over. 437 palabras más

Do You See Me Now?

Do You See Me Now?

I was a cat in Moscow

A photographer liked me, I guess

My manner, my similarity,

My distinctness of

Western cats… 55 palabras más