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When President Kennedy visited Ireland in 1963 - Kennedy Homestead, Co.Wexford

This very modest and humble farm yard and surrounding buildings, Located at ( Dunganstown, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland ) is the birthplace of President John F. 233 palabras más

Nigel Borrington

World Leader in Recorded Sound

Ask yourself, was Command Records the, quote, unquote, World Leader in Recorded Sound? By 1963, the label certainly had its hands in the modern design pie, and the ink-wealth to produce brilliantly displayed, throwaway inserts for its lavish releases. 46 palabras más


2.3.2016 Ikarie XB1

An interesting movie that feels like a transitional work for sci-fi movies. It is more concerned with philosophy and politics than earlier films, but still not as absolved of the goofy novelties of space as the upcoming “serious” run of films. 30 palabras más

Unearthly Stranger (1963)

I have to confess to a weakness for British SF films from the 1960s.  They are quiet and understated, cerebral and dark, with an uneasy undercurrent of horror.   140 palabras más

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Funeral Expenses

It is always a little hard to talk of or write about death. But it remains the one certainty of life – that it will end with death. 150 palabras más


Herbert Von Karajan (1962) Complete Symphonies

Compositor: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Director. Herbert Von Karajan

Orquesta: Berlin Philarmonic

Álbum: Complete Symphonies.

Género: Clásico, romanticismo.

Sello:  Deutsche Grammophon

Año: 1963 (Remasterización, 2003)

Formato: Mp3 – 320 kbps. 246 palabras más


Tose nazar ladi sajna re

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Yearwise Breakup Of Songs