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Staying with a less than ordinary fruitcake

“Come out to the family room. Gladys wants a word,”Olvie yells from the front room.

Now I’m creeped out that a mannequin wants to speak to me. 256 palabras más

Daily Prompt

Since '76: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

They’re still out there. When you think you’ll never find anymore an SS to restore, a new one pops up from darkness.

What we have here is a Giulia Sprint Speciale which is said to have been with the same owner since 1976, and for sure it hasn’t been pampered all its life. 132 palabras más

For Sale

Alcatraz Ceased To Be A Prison This Day 54-Years Ago; March 21, 1963.

by Anura Guruge

I like the beauty of Alcatraz — but then again I never had to serve time on it.

Did the full tour of the Island in 2005. 75 palabras más

Anura Guruge