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998. Rafi's Peppy Songs: phir Aane lagaa yaad wohee pyaar kaa Aalam...

Movie: YEH DIL KISKO DOON (1963)
Music: Iqbal Qureshi
Lyricist: Qamar Jalalabadi

Rafi’s Peppy Song: phir Aane lagaa yaad wohee…
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Mohammed Rafi


For some wholesome, gut-busting, brilliant hilarity, it really doesn’t get much better than the Smothers Brothers. If you don’t believe me, or are on the fence concerning legitimate blood-brother comedy duos, have a listen to Swiss Christmas. 31 palabras más


7.26.2015 Bay of Angels

It felt like it was lacking something for me, even though it was always at least fine. Maybe I expect more whimsy from Demy. Maybe I wish the movie was more focused on the woman, even though I understand the narrative use of using the fresh faced boy as the vehicle, he just was not nearly as interesting.


Common Law Wife (1963) is a hoot, as most period exploitation films are. This film, directed by the infamous schlockmeister Larry Buchanan and Eric Sayers, gets a lot of mileage out of the white trash melodrama genre. 498 palabras más

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997. Rafi's Peppy Songs: dhaRakne lagtaa hai meraa dil tere naam se...

Music: Shankar-Jaikishen
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

Peppy Songs of Mohammed Rafi: dhaRakne lagtaa hai meraa dil…
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Mohammed Rafi

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys "In My Room" (1963)

“In My Room” has always been a very special Beach Boys song for me. This gorgeous ballad describes the safe retreat one finds in solitude, with the door shut, and the scary world at bay. 128 palabras más

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Sarawak seeks full autonomy and devolution of more federal power

I HOPE my fellow Sarawakians had a wonderful Sarawak Day yesterday and took time to remember our State’s day of independence 52 years ago on July 22, 1963. 782 palabras más