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I feel uneasy smoothing out the towel over all those screaming faces in the sand.

The corroded guitar wheezes between each chord.

Minors and majors. 82 palabras más


Most Softest Scarf (no. 2)

Item: Most Softest Scarf (no. 2). This super soft, ribbed scarf is 6″ wide and 70″ long.
Materials: knitted of Malabrigo Rios (Sabiduria).
Crafter: CrowGirl… 67 palabras más



August 2008 (aged 20).

I realize there is an audience in front of me. I don’t know how long I’ve been spaced out, but from the look on my bandmates’ faces, I’ve been looping the bridge one too many times. 157 palabras más


Big Brother 20 Episode Recap August 12th 2018

Haleigh kind of liked the kiss Fessy gave her.

Sam talks about everything in the house making her uncomfortable except her bed. Rockstar says she’s glad Sam voted to keep Bayleigh. 549 palabras más

"My" Aquarius guy

Chưa biết viết gì cho đúng đắn cả, chủ đang hơi mệt quá nhưng cũng bận tâm hơi quá nhân gian ơiiii

01h56 13/8/2018

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Sweet Sleepy Bunny

Item: Sweet Sleepy Bunny. This knit light grey bunny may be resting its eyes, but it’s still totally ready to hang out. Measuring about 3.5 inches tall, it features a chubby belly, tall ears, and a nubbly white pouf of a tail. 92 palabras más