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Daft Punk — Sea of Simulation [Tron Legacy, 2010] [reblog]

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…for a Monday evening

August, still summer…
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Μια άλλη “θάλασσα”, γοητευτική και ζοφερά μυστηριώδης – από το soundtrack των Daft Punk για το Tron Legacy…

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Music Monday: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

Music Monday is a weekly post by Drew@The Tattooed Book Geek, where you share a song you love. On a Monday. :)

Massive Attack: Paradise Circus… 152 palabras más


August 19 in San Antonio history...

Mayor C. K. Quin today ordered a series of mural paintings taken from the walls of the foyer of the Municipal Auditorium, after their presence was protested by the American Legion Central Council of Bexar County. 108 palabras más



Director:  Martin Scorsese

Stars:  Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller

Release Date:  19 February 2010

IMDB:  8.1/10

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Mengenai Nika.

Entah kenapa Facebook harus kembali mengingatkan bahwa kita masih terhubung, tidak ada percikan rindu memang dul, hanya sejumput kenangan atas chat-chat kita sembilan tahun silam, dan kita disini masih sama-sama bisu, masih sama-sama sibuk mengurus hidup masing-masing. 458 palabras más


Review: Beyond the Black Rainbow

A lone Pharmaceutical mogul has holds a girl with an unknown power hostage. But as she matures into a woman her power grows, and escape seems near. 755 palabras más