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13 Assassins

What is worth dying for?

13 Assassins begins with an interesting and enthralling setup, but quickly slows to a crawling pace. The different characters are introduced but, unfortunately, they are not developed enough to make a lasting impact. 187 palabras más

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Population One - Multiply

Spacey Techno from underrated Detroit man Terrence Dixon. This is from his 2011 EP titled ‘The Parkhurst’, which he released under his Population One guise.

Detroit Techno

'I feel like I'm bumping into walls' - The Tree of Life (2011)

Adult Jack: When you’re young, it’s all about your career.

You don’t understand anything.

I just feel like I’m bumping into walls.


Loralee, Chapter Twelve, Cold, Hard, Cash

Loralee, The Dimestore Novella
Chapter Twelve, Cold, Hard, Cash
Originally published on December 5, 2012

“You handled that like shit, Hardy.” Nevelle rubbed at his wrists and then stopped himself. 3.545 palabras más