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m-flo - All I want is you in #asiantuesday

From Japan, a song included on their sixth album, Square One:


2012: Open Discovery Space Creativity Session

It’s one of these times that I go a bit back to re-visit old events that have stuck with me..! It was back in March 2012 when we kicked-off the… 336 palabras más


09.26 am

Hunnn…..hunnnny hunnnnnyyyyyyyyy

Hunnnn….imlek pertama yg bener2 sendiri. Besok galungan, ramai di sini, tapi sepi buat aku.

Huuunnn……aku kangen…


Tessellate by alt-J

Not quite sure what’s going on in this video. They all seem like characters from a bad rap video.

This English band have some serious mood in this song. 39 palabras más


Jack Reacher

2012    PG-13     Thriller   2:10  * Tom Cruise & Jai Courtney

Jai Plays Charlie an elite sniper who has killed 5 people for what seems no reason, and frames Barr for it. 219 palabras más