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Disobeying Objects + Melancholic Assets

I’ve finished the Unity piece now as gremlins started to appear in the builds again, so thought I’d better leave it alone before I break it. 145 palabras más



I did some final Tilt Brush sketches to use as source material, but didn’t use them in the end.


So I have decided to shift from Blender to Maya since I want to be a professional 40 palabras más


Video : Composición 3D

Al momento de comenzar a trabajar los colores y las formas , debemos comprender los espacios en 3D que nos rodean, es por eso que ejercicios como este son apropiados para entrenar la percepción tridimensional de la visión. 7 palabras más


Caffeine in 3D with voxel.js

Since Caffeine is powered by SqueakJS, you can create mashups with any other JavaScript frameworks you like. Let’s take a simple look at 3D graphics using… 552 palabras más


More for my use than yours: always struggling

Attempting to 3D print pre-assembled joints. Essentially the joint should come out of the printer fully functional, or nearly so. No assembly required. The first attempt failed. 154 palabras más


First Communion Gift - a box where one can collect childhood treasuries. ;)

As you can see I have not posted for a long time. I have only two reasons for that. One could be a lack of organization skills or disorder which I call: lost in doing. 461 palabras más