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New attitude towards life?

I decided to save everything from this week for a weekend blog, it makes much more sense than doing a boring blog every other day. 326 palabras más

5 Years of 5 Seconds of Summer

Once upon a time I was really into 5 Seconds of Summer…

It was a few months after I started to listen to One Direction. I had seen some talk about them on Twitter and one day I decided to see what all the fuss was about. 231 palabras más


Okay so to start off, this dream wasn’t actually somebody-anonymous-kissed-me-on-the-cheek weird but actually a good weird. I have no idea how it started and most of the dreams I remember start abruptly and suddenly (of course no one would give me a hint, silly me). 404 palabras más

Take My Money!

​With its upbeat, punchy and catchy tune, “Money” is a feel-good way to open the album. This is a fun and high-energy song, which I think perfectly captures a representation of the band having written and recorded the album, and celebrating (and partying) as they travel around the globe as they embark on their new world tour. 451 palabras más


Music (my painkiller)


Like I said in my last post, I want this blog to be everything that I like and music probably tops the list. I will be listing a few artists/bands here that I really like and also my favourite songs by them. 382 palabras más

Sounds Good Feels Good... Does it?

“Sounds Good Feels Good”, the second album by 5 Seconds of Summer, was released in October 2015. The band created this album as part of ‘The New Broken Scene’ as a push to help spread more positivity. 88 palabras más


First blog post

Alright hello there. So this is (as you can probably read from the headline) my first post in this blog. So I thought I’d just fill this up with photos, because well.. 56 palabras más