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5 Seconds of Summer


Headliner: 5 Seconds of Summer

Opening Band: ONE OK ROCK , Hey Violet


Molson Amphitheatre

Last summer we were not impressed with 5 Seconds of Summer headlining their own show, and this year was even worse. 308 palabras más


Take What You Want - One OK Rock ft. 5SOS

Fueled By Ramen released the lyric video of the last track “Take What You Want” on One OK Rock’s newest album Ambition yesterday.

I had high expectations because I absolutely love one of their singles from the album, Bedroom Warfare. 204 palabras más


The Perks of Spilling Coffee on Somebody

I went to 5SOS Concert last year. And there was priceless story behind it that I could never ever forget for the rest of my life. 482 palabras más

Spilled Ink


What makes memories you ask?

for me, it’s smells and music.

If I put on some old perfume, I can remember the time my boyfriend kissed me under a fake hut in a zoo when it was raining, when I smell butterscotch  I can remember spending a whole summer in my bedroom watching Harry Potter on repeat because I was being bullied at school and didn’t want to leave the house. 100 palabras más

My Bucket List

Hello! Today I’ll be listing 10 things from my bucket list. Comment down below some of your must-do-once-before-I-die things/activities or if any of mine match yours! 266 palabras más

Who Might be Dropping an Album in 2017?

All of these are assumptions*

Ed Sheeran.

With a new single dropping Friday it is highly likely that an amazing third album will be following shortly after, the name for the album has already been confirmed; divide. 465 palabras más


#WritingWednesday: Night Writer Prologue

Welcome to the very first #WritingWednesday of 2017, everyone! Hope your New Year has been a great one. Mine pretty average, but that’s okay. I made mac n’ cheese, edited, and read. 839 palabras más

Writing Wednesday