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5 Seconds of summer

5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer album
I love the nostalgic feeling it gives. It’s a super sadish song. I wish it had a bit more to do with lyrics! 19 palabras más


*Knock, knock* Hello?

You might not have noticed but I haven’t posted for a while.  Why have I been so neglectful?  Why, oh why, have I left you, my dear followers and friends, hanging for the next episode of action packed drama that is living in Mersin?  699 palabras más


5SOS Merchandise Outfit

This outfit features:
A 5 seconds of summer galaxy print crop top from and are available from £6.71
True religion Halle tie-dye moto skinny jeans from and are available from £160… 22 palabras más


Instant Fan

I’ve heard about 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) since last year, but I’ve never wasted my time in searching who are they, until today.

So, what made me decide to open chrome and searched who these guys are? 106 palabras más

5 Seconds Of Summer

Ultimate Fan Girl – 4th of July Weekend


Caller 99 instantly wins tickets to Summer Splash, Ariana Grande, 1D, 5SOS and Kelly Clarkson.

On Saturday win at: 137 palabras más


My June In Picture Form.

I’ve had a lovely June actually! My exams finished on the 2nd of June, allowing the rest of the month for celebrating, despite holding a smidgen of inner terror that awaits the doom that is results day. 410 palabras más


hey guys! Just letting you know i’m going to be at the beach the next few days. i’ll miss you guys so much but hopefully i’ll write a lot during the trip and come back with lots of posts and chapters of 5SOMS. 28 palabras más

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