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Listen to Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer (Cover) by Solver Gigi #np on #SoundCloud


things that are making me happy right now


I’m really giddy happy right now and I thought y’know what? I’m gonna write a blog post about it. Let’s document this moment.

So, I’m currently sat in my room, it’s a and the sun is kind of doing that thing where it makes everything all hazy and pretty in the light – it’s also great because I swear for the past week we’ve had fog and rain, it’s literally been dark for a week straight so when I saw the sun today, I did a little happy dance, can’t lie. 876 palabras más


Getting Paid to Go to a 5 SOS Concert (an update on my latest writing adventures)

My Dallas Observer editor gave me two free tickets to go see 5 Seconds of Summer at the House of Blues Thursday. Isn’t that crazy? And I’m getting paid for this, too! 349 palabras más


Tune of the Tuesday: “Youngblood” - 5 Seconds of Summer

The bass of the song remind me of Londonbeat and the house/dance music of the 1990s. The muted staccato of vocals in the first few bars before the chords get drawn out are definitively catchy.

What I'm Listening To Lately


I love it when an artist you really love introduces you to another artist that is fantastic. It’s happened to me several times and thanks to One Direction, I became a 5 Seconds of Summer fan in 2012. 417 palabras más


5 Seconds of Summer...Again

So, 5 Seconds of Summer just released the name of their new album and have released the title track along with it. “Youngblood” is the name of the album and song. 316 palabras más