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Hiya! Its me, Masky!

Today I am dedicating this post to 5sos because I dunno they be cool.

So I don’t know why but everyone BUT me has a favourite member of the band and im just here like…I like lucalashmic. 247 palabras más


TMI tag

Do you guys want to know 50 random facts about me? Good.

1: What are you wearing? Nothing special. I’m wearing a black tank top from JayJays that says ‘If you were a zombie I’d eat you the most’, and a pair of black denim shorts that I brought from an op shop as jeans and cut into shorts. 589 palabras más


Jalan Panjang Menuju Hollywood


G02.obrox.Jalan Sukses

Jalan Panjang Menuju Hollywood

Buat seorang seleb, khususnya musisi dan aktor, Hollywood adalah impian terbesar. Nggak heran kalau banyak seniman dari luar Amerika Serikat (AS) yang rela pindah rumah demi bisa masuk dan sukses berkarier di Hollywood. 593 palabras más

GADIS Magazine


Hey, so one of my passions is music, i listen to everything so here are some artists…

Jake Bugg:

I love his music, he has a really unique voice and sings about real situations and can really relate to💀 78 palabras más


Before I get into blogging about my week in Branson, I have to share these videos with you.

They will make you giggle like a little school girl…..



Bands and Band Members

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days. I haven’t really had any inspiration for a post until now.

I was scrolling through my Tumblr Dash and I was looking at the beautiful picture of my favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, (if you don’t know who they are, please go look them up. 493 palabras más