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— Rapportés par Al-Bukhârî , hadith n°4 701.

Voir également Fath ul-bârî tome 9 p. 19–20, et Al-Itqân , p. 184–185. D’autres compilations ont été

Mizuki Tempura & Sushi, Ngee Ann City: Visited Twice for a Reliable Review

Mizuki Japanese restaurant on the 5th storey of Ngee Ann City has a smart concept: they have two counters, one for sushi and the other for tempura. 666 palabras más


Brick by Brick: 60 Years in the Building

This year is the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. As any of you know who know me, I love LEGO. I find it interesting that I have been around for half the life of the LEGO brick given how much joy and entertainment LEGO has brought to me, personally. 306 palabras más

Captain's Log

Renga-Ya, CHIJMES: New Beef Don for Set Lunch (Limited to 15 Bowls Daily) and Ohmi Beef Yakiniku After CNY

This is my second time at Renga-Ya at CHIJMES, a Japanese yakiniku charcoal BBQ restaurant. I didn’t review it the first time round but shall take the opportunity of their recently launched new items to do so. 650 palabras más

Large Group

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me and Welcome!

I started this blog to open up an honest and classy discussion about sex for people over 30. Your comments and questions are welcome and appreciated, but this is not the place to solicit individuals for sex or have illicit conversations that harass or demean individuals. 485 palabras más