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Installing iRedMail 0.9.7 mail server on CentOS 7.1611

*** In addition an instructional video on Installing iRedMail 0.9.7 on YouTube ***

Preparing CentOS

First install nano and bzip2.

yum install nano bzip2… 644 palabras más

Next Generation Network

Dell’s Kevin Shatzkamer explains how Intel #XeonScalable will accelerate network transformation #IamIntel

Next Generation Network

Kevin Shatzkamer from Dell EMC, discusses the long history of collaboration between Dell EMC and Intel to optimize solutions for communications service providers. 33 palabras más


Packaging Data Center Knowledge for End-Users...

Liaten during your morning jog 👟: Intel and Midfin’s collaboration on eFabric technology to enhance the #DataCenter #IamIntel

Packaging Data Center Knowledge for End-Users…

Vinay Balasubramaniam from Midfin joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss eFabric, a software defined data center technology which packages knowledge from the data center for end users which runs on Intel technology.

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Writing a minimalistic kernel module in Linux - Part 1


Loadable Kernel Modules (LKM) are object code that can be loaded into memory, often used for supporting hardware or enable specific features. Kernel modules enable the core kernel to be minimal and have features to be loaded as required. 2.126 palabras más


Manning’s DRM policy

Manning has been offering DRM-free eBooks for nearly two decades. Starting in 2000, we were one of the first tech publishers to offer unprotected PDFs, and we’ve since added Kindle and ePub formats for all new MEAPs and eBooks.

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Basic Arch Linux configuration

some configuration for a post basic installation arch linux desktop enviroment

/*configure network to start on boot*/
# vi /etc/netctl/profilename !examples can be found at /etc/netctl/examples/ 118 palabras más


Cloud Computing Security: This Is Where You'll...

Growth in #cloud ☁️ computing is spurring businesses to adopt new data security 🔑

Cloud Computing Security: This Is Where You’ll…

Insufficient security is fueling growth in tools like cloud security gateways, centralized management, hypervisor security, and native IaaS/PaaS platform security.

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