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Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix ya tiene su primera versión

Después de muchos meses de trabajo, el equipo detrás de Ubuntu Cinnamon anuncia la primera versión de esta distribución no oficial.

La popular distribución de Linux Ubuntu viene con un largo número de variantes, con los entornos más populares como… 261 palabras más


LDAP print content of cn=config

slapcat command or ldapsearch can be used to view content of cn=config. slapcat must be run on the local server but does not require ldapd running. 338 palabras más


Midnight Commander (mc) on OpenSUSE

The color schemes (skin) for mc are available in /usr/share/mc/skins.

To use a skin, edit ~/.mc/config/ini. In the top section . Find entry “skin=”.

The skin however depends on the color scheme of Konsole. 25 palabras más


Oracle VirtualBox: Resize Linux Filesystem

We have an Oracle Linux Virtual Machine that we created in our previous post up and running.

When I examined the space on this VM, I found that I have only 2GB of free space available in “/” filesystem, which is not enough for me to do my work. 359 palabras más

Oracle Linux

Linux mint mate for my Wife

As some of my regular readers will know my Linux of Choice is Mint cinnamon.

I like it so much, It is on all of my old machines, and I have far to many. 425 palabras más


JSPrintManager 2.0 Update - License cache for offline support

A new update to JSPrintManager 2.0 was just released. This new update includes:

  • New! License cache for better performance and support for offline scenarios.
  • New!
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Want the Greenest Device? You May Already Own It

I have a lot of issues with the political reporting of the New York Times but I absolutely love their weekly Tech We’re Using, which focuses on the tools their reporters use to do their jobs. 132 palabras más