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GEEK CHIC: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

The end of last week’s episode left me FURIOUS. I know Sansa’s plot has merged with Jeyne Poole’s for the series and I hate it. I just want her to live happily ever after and gang up with all the other awesome female characters and rule over Westeros. 13 palabras más


[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Tyrion X


Tyrion meets with Lancel in the sept and is informed that Cersei is having Lord Gyles take Tommen to Rosby in disguise to keep him away from the mob and Tyrion. 2.096 palabras más

A Song Of Ice And Fire

[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Jon V


Jon is awakened by the blowing of a horn. He attends Lord Commander Mormont, who says Qhorin must have finally arrived and tells Jon to meet with him and send him to the Lord Commander’s tent. 1.677 palabras más

A Song Of Ice And Fire

'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R. Martin

Ah, yes, I definitely had a love-hate relationship with this particular series of books… (Don’t worry, no spoilers!)

A Song of Ice and Fire, or, as it is more well-known on account of the TV show, … 823 palabras más

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[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Davos II


Davos rides with Stannis and a large group of lords to treat with Ser Cortnay, who awaits them beneath the walls of Storm’s End. Davos arrived just eight days ago, after the siege was already well underway. 2.888 palabras más

A Song Of Ice And Fire

[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Tyrion IX


Tyrion watches from King Robert’s Hammer as Myrcella bids farewell to Joffrey and Tommen on Seaswift. Rob’s Hammer will be the lead ship in her escort that will also include Lionstar, Bold Wind, and Lady Lyanna. 2.304 palabras más

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Game of Thrones Audiobook - An Inebriating And Atmospheric Concoction of Swords, Sandals, Intrigues and Myths

It’s been three long years. I finally feel compelled to spill some digital ink in my blog about this force of nature that has taken a vice-like grip on my life. 679 palabras más