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Happy Birthday - Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel (23 November 1966 -)

Blue-eyed and ruggedly handsome, Vincent Cassel has made a reputation for himself as a tough, uncompromising actor who can exude menace at the drop of a… 537 palabras más


Movie Monday-A Dangerous Method

So, Let’s talk movies. Again. Because they are my hobby. But first, a brief and generally painless overview of the historical period in question.

The early days of the nineteenth century. 332 palabras más

Movie Monday

Where No Creativity Blooms...

The other night, I stayed up watching The Babadook (2014) until at least 2am. Like the protagonist Amelia, I felt exhausted but the act of sleep itself had become so fraught with anxiety that I forced myself to stay awake, cramming my brain with the toxic ooze streaming out of my laptop. 953 palabras más


Book/Movie Review: A (Most) Dangerous Method

When I first saw the trailer for A Dangerous Method, I was both excited and worried. I was excited because I had read about the professional relationship between Freud and Jung in… 797 palabras más

Book Review

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Boring story, boring sex and yet another film with WASPs playing Jewish people. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?

Rating: Ok (1)

People Like Me: The Career of David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg’s career can be split down the middle, one half blood-and-gut splattered, heads blown off in “Scanners,” genders swapped in “Videodrome,” genes mutated resulting in the manifestation of the grotesque, the physically repulsive in “The Fly.” The other half is a much more subdued horror. 734 palabras más


Delving into the Meaning and Mystery of Dreams

“For me, time is the greatest mystery of all. The fact is that we’re dreaming all the time. That’s what really gets me. We have a fathomless lake of unconsciousness just beneath our skulls.” ~ Anthony Hopkins…

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