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Certified Copy Review

Fascinating as it may be to find yourself lost in a country you don’t speak the language of, Certified Copy attempts to make it look like a mundane experience. 407 palabras más


[Film Review] Taste of Cherry (1997)

English Title: Taste of Cherry; Original Title: Ta’m e guilass; Year: 1997; Country: Iran, France; Language: Persian; Genre: Drama; Director/Writer/Editor: Abbas Kiarostami; Cinematography: Homayun Payvar; …

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Film Review

Movie roundup 2020, #16

I have been bingeing on boxed sets recently, and not really ones I can in any way recommend. I worked my way through all five seasons of… 2.358 palabras más


Close-Up (1990)

By Afra Nariman

Close-Up (1990)

Directed by: Abbas Kiarostami
Stars: Hossain Sabzian, Abbas Kiarostami, Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Plot Summary

A docufiction about a man named Sabzian who, while reading a novel by famous Iranian filmmaker, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, strikes up a conversation with a woman. 1.381 palabras más


Taste of Cherry (1997)

I don’t want to give you a gun to kill me. I’m giving you a spade, a spade.

Mr. Badii

Taste of Cherry is an Iranian minimalist drama film about a man who is searching for someone who can carry the task of burying his after he commits suicide.

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I’ve fallen, my dear friend, come,
Bound with the knot of friendship, come;
My brother in good times,
Into hard times I have fallen, come. 17 palabras más


The Cinephilia of Close-Up

There are many movies about the love of movies – Quentin Tarantino has made an entire career for himself off the backs of the films he grew up loving – but perhaps no single film captures the eccentric spirituality of cinephilia quite as uniquely or beautifully as… 753 palabras más

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