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Frost Management Grains

Climate & Agricultural Support Sub Contracts to the Grains Research Development Corporation to support grain growers across Australia to manage frost.

Frost management should be integrated and include pre paddock preparation, consideration of variety choice and crop choice, and rapid identification and decision making .  88 palabras más


Biochar Project

Climate & Agricultural Support are conducting a biochar soils project via the Fleurieu Forward Farming Group.  We hope to demonstrate that biochar can reduce the need for N fertiliser, retain moisture in the soil for longer, retain trace elements and minerals in the soil and improve soil health.  14 palabras más


Meet the Artist

Heyo, I’m Ansley!

Animus has been my brain child for close to 8 years now. It started as a random word that just wouldn’t leave my head. 457 palabras más


Fleurieu Forward Farming Group

Climate & Agricultural Support Pty Ltd, supports the development and projects within the Fleurieu Forward Farming Group (FFF). This group is developing via a steering committee. 61 palabras más


Meeting Market Specifications MLA - More Beef from Pastures

We support Meat and Livestock Australia and conduct More Beef From Pastures field days.

Recently we conducted a Meeting Market Specifications Day.  It was a huge success, with many local and state beef producers looking to improve their profitability by implementing new marketing strategies.  90 palabras más


Apple gets trouble about IPhone and Blackberry

Apple Inc.’s well-publicized woes with the iPhone 4 are not expected to hurt the company’s results for the quarter ended in June, although some analysts believe that the issue may have a dampening effect on the September period. 7 palabras más

Rational Design Of Foundations Resting On Soils Reinforced By Columns

Dear all,

Attached is a scientific paper presenting an outstanding approach dealing with the design of foundations resting on reinforced soils  by columns.  The manuscript is very illustrative and the methodology behind is innovative and original. 10 palabras más