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About Selfie

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb
Hai Guys, Welcome to my world. In here, I want to share about my journey, my experience, my passion and any thing that I loved. 68 palabras más



A little bit about Me.

My name is Madeline but you can call me Mady. I am 25 years old with a BA in Economics and a Masters in Public Health. 88 palabras más



History remains only as memory, imperfectly inscribed in people’s bodies and on tree bodies. Here I am reckoning with my marks from the past, the privilege of paper, the processing. 66 palabras más


An introduction of sorts

My name is Jessa. The world is full of magic. I hope to explore some of it here.


Scratch that name

Two weeks ago my parents were complaining that I had apparently been keeping this blog more or less a secret. Which was not untrue.

I have been writing more or less frequently for about three years now and became a regular columnist at the magazine… 212 palabras más


Drink Cider For Better Coffee

If you ever want to get under my skin, insist that the Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best coffee. Surely, there are lots of arguments one can make in support of that fallacious claim. 845 palabras más