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Draft Conference Program

Dear Participants,

Please find below the draft conference program for you to verify your details as listed therein. Kindly note that this draft will be subject to substantial changes before we print it. 13 palabras más


A Connor Q & A

A Connor Q & A. My youngest has autism, my eldest is 12 and has anxiety. I thought I’d ask him some questions and tell him he should answer honestly. 464 palabras más


THE PALMS on tour


With hints of West Coast psychedelia, hip-hop, folk and more, The Palms have effortlessly combined their love of ALL popular music to create a fresh, uplifting sound, resulting in the perfect soundtrack to a summer night in Los Angeles.  243 palabras más

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Our journey begins

“How do you start these things?”

We’ve been living in Brighton for 10 years, together for the last 5, and we just realised we’ve only seen a fraction of what the city has to offer. 105 palabras más



Books Book Reviews’Jefferson’s Daughters’ tells the story of three of Thomas Jefferson’s daughters – white and black’Jefferson’s Daughters’ brings its period Transcript for’Wonder’ author R.J. Palacio tells the story behind her inspiration for That book has singlehandedly making life easier for children Fabulous book to get you started looking for poker opponent tells. 488 palabras más

Gak Komunikatif

Iya katanya gue gak komunikatif hahaha. Kuis kali komunikatif. Bodo amat mau dibilang apa juga. Yang penting Allah ridho.

Jadi tuh kaya apa ya, kalo sama orang yang itu tiba-tiba gue saklek, aneh, banyak takutnya. 412 palabras más