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Still Alive

Good News Everyone! I’m still Alive! It’s been a busy 7 months since my last update and so much has happened! Let’s see…. where did I fall off the earth? 423 palabras más


Answering Some Important Questions

Thank you so much for checking out my blog.  I first wanted to address the question that is on your mind – why Zingari?  I know, it is such a strange word that you don’t hear here in the US.   644 palabras más



My name is Alexander and I’m an actor.

Yes, I know the about section starts the same way, but that pretty much sums up what this blog is going to be about/for/etc. 235 palabras más


Introductions and whatnot

Hello, you’re probably been directed here by…me…

Thank you for choosing my humble blog (really, it’s spanking new) to browse.

I started this for selfish reasons: I love the sound of my voice… or in this case, the sight of my words…? 208 palabras más


Maybe I'm Biting Off More Than I Can Chew.

But I don’t care….  I’m going to go and become the person that I want to be… I’m going to work 25 hours and I’m (hopefully) getting a promotion.   59 palabras más

Terminology or is it a Glossary?

With my upcoming print and ebook, Lake Merrin n the verge of coming out I thought it was time to ‘spoil’ a couple of things for the book. 1.210 palabras más