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A little about us!

Hey everyone!

My name is Shell and along with my husband Ricky we will shortly begin our worldschooling, vegan journey with our three children.

We currently home educate our children who are 7, 5 and almost 4 and we all love it so much. 381 palabras más


Thoughts on Courage

Courage is a funny thing. Some (like myself) are fearless when it comes to their career, or change, meeting new friends, maybe spending time alone. Though at times, those same people who fearlessly face life’s obstacles head on, find it incredibly difficult to stand up for themselves, and what they believe in. 150 palabras más

life with my disorder (part 3)

Welcome to the final installment of my journey thus far. It’s been awhile in coming, I know, but here it is.

Around this time after graduating, my dad was beginning to interview for a job 600 miles away from where we were living. 1.134 palabras más


Furever Pets


Welcome to Furever!  We are a charity organization raising money for nearby animal shelters. We will be having events to fund raise the money. the money collected will go to the Cleveland APL and any shelter that is requested. 16 palabras más


About the Stories - Historical Hell

Hi everyone! I thought I would take part of this week to talk about each of the stories included in my new short story collection, … 263 palabras más

Genius & Sacrifice in Film

We often see films to get lost in a world that is not our own. Stories of geniuses and highly gifted people provide us with a fantasy of what our lives could be like if we too were the best of the best. 686 palabras más

Anna Ellis-rees

How To Choose The Good Marriage ceremony Gown For Your Physique Sort

The maximum variety of products that can be in contrast is 4. Please refine your selection. If you”re set on a white robe, nevertheless, you do not have to be limited to all-over white. 355 palabras más