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About 5/3/15

Today is the 123rd day of 2015.

History: In 1802, Washington D. C. became a city. In 1952, the Kentucky Derby was on national TV for the first time. 22 palabras más


Forget Me // Mary Lambert

I’m feeling very roadkill tonight.

it isn’t truly night, though, is it?

it’s 4am and I’ve lost my mind.

i’m erased, expired, extinct.

i am stiff, i am cold, i am lifeless. 188 palabras más


How I feel about work

In my last blog post I talked about languages and how much I love learning them, but I also wanted to mention what else I’m learning right now. 1.065 palabras más


EDS 113- Principles and Methods of Assessment: An Archive of Learning

Welcome to my EDS 113 ejournal -a collection of my personal thoughts, reflections, opinions and insight on topics about The Principles and Methods of Assessment. 96 palabras más


Where to Publish? (Springer Journal Finder)

Open the “Publishing in a Springer Journal” page:

Enter brief description of your manuscript or abstract of your manuscript in the specified field.

Select “Only Journal with an Impact Factor” and click on “Find your target journal”. 127 palabras más


E io speriamo che me la cavo.

Mentre scrivevo il mio primo post pensavo: Chissà come sarà scrivere dall’Australia. In realtà non immaginavo che avrei ripreso perché una delle ragazze nel dormitorio FEMMINILE avrebbe avuto la delicata idea di invitare il suo amichetto. 253 palabras más