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What do Vegans have to do?

People usually go vegan for they do not want to harm animals and are usually against animal cruelty. In this case a vegan tries to prevent the exploitation of an animal; however in a ranch none of this occurs its actually the other way around! 32 palabras más

What do Pigs Eat?

Interesting some pigs are omnivores meaning they consume both animals and plants. Usually wild animals are the ones that consume meat, the ones in the ranch consume plants, fruits, flowers or other. 27 palabras más

What exactly do chickens eat?

Chickens eat the smallest things  which in this case they vary such as corn. Chickens are one of the animals that do not eat a lot yet their food is way different than from that of the cos for they are bigger animals than the chickens. 19 palabras más

More About Me

I’m so excited by all my views and followers! This has been a very fun experience so far and I appreciate everyone!

I thought it would be fun to let you guys get to know me a little more! 187 palabras más


Day one...

Ok it’s a wet day in May, and something has to change. Just weighed myself and the stone and a bit I lost after Christmas has almost crept back on. 267 palabras más


How Important is Networking, Really?

This post was written as part of my internship with Indiana INTERNnet and was originally published here.

College students hear it again and again – network, network, network! 580 palabras más