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Diving In

What is this blog? Where is it going? I don’t know. It’s a personal project on mood and music. But not necessarily in conjunction with each other, but sometimes, maybe. 220 palabras más


About Gwangju

“Interesting,” you think to yourself as your peruse my poorly structured blog. “But what is Gwangju, besides the birthplace of the blessed Jung Hoseok?”

I’m glad you asked. 429 palabras más

A Stylish Transformation

At a recent estate sale, we ran across this beauty. I was literally panting, hoping the seller just wanted to get rid of it. When we said, “$20?”, she shook her head yes.   163 palabras más


A Classy Upgrade from the Stars

The few days we have knocked out a number of serious makeovers at our house, including a side-of-the-road dumpster dresser.

It started with the celestial-themed dresser.   97 palabras más



A few years ago I studied a short photography course and was quickly bitten by the photography bug. I’m an amateur photographer who loves looking around the world for beautiful images. 133 palabras más


Stampin' Up! Halloween Night DSP with Halloween Scenes Edgelits create fun Halloween Card!

Ever since I won second place in a small town Halloween Costume contest I have loved Halloween.  This town in Ohio was ‘tiny’!  My mom came up with a costume for our Halloween Parade when I was in about the second grade.   545 palabras más


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