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The easiest way to reach me is by email at (be sure the spelling is correct and isn’t “anopinionated”)

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If you’re wondering what this amazing new blog you’ve stumbled across is all about, then step behind the curtain in our FAQ section. Got an un-answered question? 237 palabras más


About Author Luci Olivia

Luci Olivia is a caffeine-dependent, anxiety-ridden, not-too-fun-at-parties blogger from the centre of England. In her expansive imagination, she’s the winner of loads of awards, awesome comebacks and a size 6. 180 palabras más


Two New Covers

Hey guys, I have two new covers posted. I played Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade and My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne.

My Happy Ending: … 16 palabras más


Watch "Diary Of Jane- Breaking Benjamin (cover)" on YouTube

Hey guys, check out my cover of Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin! I will be posting new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you would like to hear more please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you!


The Chosen One by: D.B. Mauldin

Check out The Chosen One (Century Isle Chronicles Book 1) by: D.B. Mauldin in the Online Book Store or click the image below!

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Update and Appreciation


This is another one of my favourite numbers because of the sound of the number and its one of the many multiples of number seven. 483 palabras más