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A book reading that became a peak experience

As empty seats filled, I felt the energy rise. A jacket draped across a set of chairs filled me with a sense that this event would be well attended. 509 palabras más


Maslow, Rogers, And Humanistic Personality Theory

If you were not in class today (or need this for your work *in* class), attached is the web activity worksheet that goes along with our discussion on humanistic theory of personality. 27 palabras más

Notes And Homework

Inglorious twelfth

UK readers will be aware that there has been a bit of a fuss recently related to the start of the grouse shooting season on the 12th August – glorious to some, inglorious to others – and a heavily supported petition to parliament. 404 palabras más


What Is

I used to write a lot of fiction. It’s something I really enjoyed, and I want to keep calling myself a fiction writer, and I want to keep writing fiction. 794 palabras más

I <3 Maslow!

Originally posted on my blog The Self-Actualized Life, but it gives you a bit of insight into Maslow and his teachings.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 313 palabras más

Marriage And Relationships

Change is Your Friend

This world is changing, and fast. With the younger generations creativity and the unlimited resources and outlets through the internet, simpler and more effective ways to do things are surfacing daily. 509 palabras más

Utah County Life Coach

Created in God's image

According to Maslow’s theory, this hierarchy reflects our needs and longings as humans. You might ask: where is God in here? The answer is that he’s all throughout all of this. 261 palabras más

General Questions