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This was the slogan of an internet company I worked for some time ago. In retrospect it was a misguided effort to differentiate from the rest of the internet which, as you may know by now, was also remarkable for being “always on.” The point of the internet, besides the information sharing part, was and is accessibility. 387 palabras más


Remembering Abraham Maslow and Honouring God in Exodus 17.

Remembering Abraham Maslow and Honouring God in Exodus 17.

Abraham Harold Maslow was born on April 1, 1908, and passed away on June 8, 1970. He is one of the men that I would have loved to have a pint with down the local as his works and writings have shaped my own thinking. 892 palabras más

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Guest Post: Abraham Maslow: Zombie Visionary?

by Elise Abram

Zombies are hot right now. From The Walking Dead to Warm Bodies, rotting, mindless corpses are all the rage. Here’s an explanation as to why. 889 palabras más

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“[I]n Hinduism, the pursuit of wealth or material advantage, one of the four traditional aims in life (EB).”

Wikipedia gives some context.  Artha is considered the “means of life,” so it includes making a living and securing one’s health.  360 palabras más

Independent of Good Opinion, 1/28/15

“Be independent of the good opinion of other people.”

– Abraham Maslow

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Maslow’s Stages of Skill Learning: Are You a Conscious or Unconscious Writer?

Maslow’s Stages of Skill Learning: Are You a Conscious or Unconscious Writer?

by Mary Ellen Stepanich

Abraham Maslow, creator of the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, also proposed… 690 palabras más

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