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Gazing into the mystery

I am about 4. It has been raining. I am crouched over a puddle between the road and the grass verge, outside our house in Lincoln. 197 palabras más


Leadership: career or calling?

We make a living from what we get; we make a life from what we give…

These days we usually refer to our job as our ‘career’ rather than our ‘vocation’.

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Court maintains benefit sanctions are unlawful

Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. If people cannot fulfil their basic physiological needs, such as for food, fuel and shelter, they cannot move on to meet higher level psychosocial needs, such as looking for work. 527 palabras más

Political Ideology

La stack fallacy est puissante preuve d'humilité au sein des entreprises comme dans la vie

Cet article de TechCrunch fait état ce que son journaliste Anshu Sharma appelle la stack fallacy.

Stack fallacy is the mistaken belief that it is trivial to build the layer above yours.

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Pioneers in Positive Psychology -- from the 1950s

When thinking about (modern) Positive Psychology, people usually associated its onset with Martin Seligman’s term as president of the the American Psychological Association (APA) and his… 221 palabras más

Positive Psychology Insights

I is for Intimacy (AC)

Sexual intimacy is one of those wonderful things that happen when you really know your partner. Don’t get me wrong-those one-nighters, short relationships, and booty calls are fun. 226 palabras más