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More than "He" and "She"

What’s in a pronoun?  This is the question Jessica Bennett of The New York Times asked in her article on the rapidly expanding list of gender pronouns from which a person can choose these days: 1.180 palabras más


I did it all for the nookie... the nookie!

Now that I feel a bit less inhibited about re-blogging old posts, I’m going to share this one. It was a fun one and I hope you guys enjoy it! 481 palabras más


Seeking Perfection


I was always a perfectionist—the outcome of which meant that if I couldn’t do something well the first time I tried, I tended to quit. 345 palabras más

Observing life differently....

In any given moment I have two options:  to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety  –  Abraham Maslow

Source: Observing life differently…. 94 palabras más

Tips for guys: how to make her feel safe

In a previous post it was outlined how safety is crucial for attraction to exist, and how this relates to Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs. 3.201 palabras más


Maslow, Rogers, And Humanistic Personality Theory

If you were not in class today (or need this for your work *in* class), attached is the web activity worksheet that goes along with our discussion on humanistic theory of personality. 27 palabras más

Notes And Homework

I Wanna Do Bad Things To You

I think that sex gets a lot of play. Sexual intimacy, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, sex is awesome and you should definitely have lots of it and enjoy every second of it! 338 palabras más