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An American Tragedy: Empire at Home and Abroad, by Maj. Danny Sjursen

Includes a video of Maj. Danny Sjursen’s talk at Peacestock on Empire as well as another related article by Sjursen (Empire of Secrecy) and by Tom Engelhart of Tom Dispatch (America has a lot to learn from the Roman Empire’s fall). 1.018 palabras más


When the War Comes Home

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Advent of torture

People everywhere respect what is most remote and least liable to have its reputation put to the test. At the least reverse, many would look down on us, and would join our enemies against us.

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Democratic Institutions

Sure Craigslist Killed the Stenography Star

The centrist, what wars? art-pusher and her “Gentle Revolution for the Woke But Squeamish,” want to remind you that this is not their country, and this is not who we are. 56 palabras más


Nine months prisoner-of-war camp because of a ripe banana

By Rafique Tschannen; Associate Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I am not joking. This is what happened to a group of people in Baghdad. 330 palabras más


The American Government Justifies the Use of Torture Techniques and You Probably Never Noticed

Many people living in North America are under the impression that torture is an ancient practice that is not a contemporary issue. However, disturbing imagery from U.S. 1.608 palabras más