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Valse d'Amelie

I like to play accordion. I have no idea how to just yet, but I already tell that it it will make me happy whenever I am in a bad mood. 142 palabras más


Accordions, concertinas, Burwell Bash and the occasional banjo thrown in for good measure...

I always start blogs thinking that I’ll update them regularly, then I find myself distracted, too busy, or just too lazy… Anyway, I’ll try to revive this one and see where I get. 645 palabras más

Fotos and Pheelings: Smythe's Accordion Center

A few months ago, I sought out an opportunity to fill my time outside of my 9-5 job with something I was a bit more passionate about – storytelling. 501 palabras más

Fotos And Pheelings

Accordion or Concertina?

So what do you call it? Just wondering, but in my limited experience I believe the term most commonly used is accordion in the states and concertina in the UK. 190 palabras más


Full HighDef Movie: Lydia's Tune Head Phone Late Rent Jon Hammond Funk Unit Nissan Stage


Jon’s archive

First song: Lydia’s Tune – Jon Hammond Funk Unit on Nissan Stage Nashville Nashville Music City Center, front line: Lee Oskar harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Cord Martin tenor, Roland Barber trombone, Jon Hammond organ, Rhythm section Chuggy Carter congas & percussion, Louis Flip Winfield drums — Head Phone Late Rent Nissan Stage Jon Hammond Funk Unit… 2.187 palabras más


Our Day in Dublin

This doesn’t really fit in with my normal “things I learned” format, but I learned a lot about whiskey making today. I also learned a little about the city of Dublin thanks to some hand drawn maps from Brian. 632 palabras más


Another Step Closer to Becomming Reality

The late June recording sessions went well at Good Luck Studios in Chapel Hill. The first day in the studio is always the hardest for me, and this time was no exception.   388 palabras más