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Video: This Performance of "Vassourinhas" by Spok Frevo Will Start Your Day Out Right

“Frevo” is a music/dance style native to the city of Recife. In this video, Brazilian saxophonist extraordinaire “Spok” (no relation) and his orchestra do several improvisations on the tune… 24 palabras más


Stevens Pass - over the Cascades

An even earlier start today. Up at 5:15 to pack up soaking wet tents. Breakfast at the same restaurant where we had dinner last night. 342 palabras más

Dream of Gigabytes

Jung said that science is nested in a dream. The dream is that if we investigated the structures of material reality with sufficient attention and truth, that we could then learn enough about material reality to then alleviate suffering: To produce the philosopher’s stone – to make everybody wealthy, to make everybody healthy, to make everyone live as long as they wanted to live or perhaps forever.

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Music: An Epic Encounter of Two Brazilian Mega-Stars

Ivete Sangalo is one of the most successful entertainers in Brazil today. In the (non-scientific) opinion of the editorial staff of the Best of Brazil Blog, she has one of the best female voices in the nation. 69 palabras más


Accordion [examples]

Hiding and showing accordion sections

To switch between different accordion sections just issue a select action on the section:


Hiding and showing Accordion Stack sections… 99 palabras más


Northeast by north

This is Northeast by north theme.

The description of this pop music art print is in Portfolio.

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