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Being brave

Part of my plan for the future is to get out in the open to do more painting and sketching and that requires a bit of bravery – people come and watch what you are doing! 182 palabras más

How to Read - Slash Chord Notation (C7/Bb)

Slash Chord Notation

You will notice – that I am using slash chord notation even when I write out the full accordion arrangements. The reason I am choosing to do this – is to get you accustom to seeing it. 84 palabras más


Accordion Duets/Trios/Ensembles

Accordion Parts – Duets – Trios – Ensembles

There is nothing MORE FUN than to grab an accordion friend or 2 or more – and play some duets – trios – and full blown ensembles – together. 225 palabras más


March 2015 – Lesson #7

Lessons Learned – Setting Benchmarks & Goals

WOW – where did 6 months go!!! As in anything we do (chose to do, have to do, or must do or even don’t wanna do!!!) – we should step back at least every 6 months and do an evaluation of “where we are at”! 966 palabras más


Lead Line Music - How to Play

Lead Line Music – How to Play

There is a world of music out there – that you all need to learn to read from. It is called… 196 palabras más


American Emblem March

American Emblem – 1923

I am writing this arrangement out – because it has a fantastic BASS SOLO!!! There are not enough songs that can feature a GOOD Bass Solo. 161 palabras más


Song List March 2015

Song List March 2015

About this time every month (it is 2-25-2015 today) – I go into PANIC mode. I am worried that I have written… 161 palabras más