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Bandas norteñas stepping up the rhythm

I got into this band from Culiacán Grupo 360 about three years ago. I think they’re great for a few reasons. First, they use more tone-leading –on both bajo sexto and accordion –and minor chords, which makes the music more emotional and interesting than that produced by older groups relying on the tonic and seventh (except in the case of great singers like Cadetes de Linares). 229 palabras más

Billy Z's Polka Challenge: One Hit Wonder


Every Thursday, Billy Z attempts to play a hit from the 60s, 70s, or 80s on his accordion. This week, Billy Z took on a one hit wonder . 19 palabras más


Things Alyx Cullen Likes

  1. The tiny accordionist who plays in the passage between the BDFM and the 7 trains at Bryant Park every weekday morning
  2. One-way tickets to Europe…
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The Remarkable History of the Advent of Paolo Soprani Accordions

An accordion is regarded as the traditional symbol of Ireland and plays profound emotional significance for Irish people and also for the Italians. The modern accordion as we see today did not look anything like itself when a certain man named Paolo Soprani first set his eyes on it. 353 palabras más