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Roma Gypsy Angel

I made a gypsy angel friend today in Peja. We were soul sisters as she juggled eating her lemon popsicle and playing her two-handed accordion. I lost my friends at lunch because I told them I wanted to stop and drop a coin and take a picture, but I got lost in her sweet gaze and her tidal flow out and in with that strange piano-and-buttoned contraption, so I sat right down on the concrete in front of her. 160 palabras más

Come with Me Now (Kongos)

The Kongos are my favorite accordion-featuring rock band


Russian Accordion Player

This photo was taken by Alex Markovich, who is the premier off-beat guide through the heart of Mother Russia.

If you enjoyed the photo, please consider purchasing it for a donation of ten USD. 88 palabras más


Week 6 | Task 6C - Front & Back Covers

Below are some progressive photographs of the development of my front and back covers.

I began by cutting a piece of 5mm card to a size measuring 3mm greater on three sides of an A5 piece pf paper in landscape orientation. 45 palabras más

Design Studio - Typography 2

Week Six | Task 6B - Title & End Page

As I come towards the end of my design for George’s Marvellous Medicine, I have created the title and end page for my book. I have created these two pages by creating layer masks from my illustrations, encompassing the magical, broiling medicine in all it’s glory. 38 palabras más

Design Studio - Typography 2

Accordion Drawing Sketchcard -2

A few weeks ago, we started to produce sketchcards which have different keywords for several weeks. Here there are some photos of first one which have examined famous houses in terms of… 21 palabras más


Billy Z's Polka Challenge: Can You Feel It?


Every Thursday, Billy Z attempts to play a hit from the 60s, 70s, or 80s on his accordion. This week, Billy Z took on 70s Disco hit . 19 palabras más