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[Film/Television] Actor, Michael B. Jordan Lands Lead Role In HBO's ‘Fahrenheit 451’ [Written by Shae McCoy]

Nowadays Michael B. Jordan has his hands in just about everything.  Following his impeccable performance in ‘Creed’ (2015), he launched Outlier Productions (2016) where he will be serving as executive producer for an upcoming film thanks to his film and production deal with… 146 palabras más


Get in the Show Acting Tips

Hey nerds! Get in the Show acting tips have been released, giving us tips on how to act from Kimmy Robertson, Robby Bruce, Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, Shona Kennedy, and Townsend Coleman. 24 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

Affable Introversion: On why I'm bad at public speaking but good at being an octopus

I’m a rational human being. I’m aware the cards are stacked against me. And really, the cards aren’t just stacked. The cards have formed a tower and a mote, and a village of angry townsfolk are carrying torches and chasing me out. 518 palabras más

Some Peculiar People 4

Say hello to Steven Masterson, another Wildream first-timer. His portrayal of John is unexpected and hilarious. A Peculiar Arrangement at the Pearse Centre, 8 – 13 May. 8 palabras más


Bell Family Update--April 2017

This month was less eventful with “special” days, but I’ve been praying to learn each day is special. It was a sweet month, while busy beginning to wrap up normal school year stuff. 508 palabras más

Family Updates


A theoretical construct created by man to justify its behaviour. We are lost without stimulation; a lack of internal drive or motive has the ability to destroy one’s self perceived worth… If you let it. 534 palabras más