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Man Cave 05-02-2016

Is Space Jam 2 a good idea? Should we disappointed in Melo and Chris Paul?

Ty breaks hands out his 2016 NFL Draft picks.


Multimedia Journalist Assignment

The multimedia journalist under review is not a known, or professional, journalist in any sense of the word. But that is the day we live in, the terms of words are now locked into a battlefield of gray area, vying for a place and position in all of our hearts and minds. 526 palabras más

Welcome Home, Captain Fox!

Before I begin, I decided, after much deliberation (about 5 minutes), to review the shows in chronological order, so some may not be running by the time I write them. 590 palabras más


Consider homeschooling your kid actor

If you are a parent of a kid actor then you may want to consider homeschool as an educational option for your child.  Homeschooling your child actor will give them more time to prepare for auditions and callbacks as well as work on their craft.  603 palabras más


5 Fun Things We Did This Weekend

This weekend the cast and crew were locked up together for rehearsals!

1. We finally got a coffin!

You’re probably wondering why we have a coffin. 73 palabras más


Welcome to my Blog 


“When it’s good, cinema can be one of the most important things in a person’s life. A film can be a catalyst for change”

134 palabras más


Something woke me up.

Not my usual spinning brain or a stray shoulder on my pillow.

An actual thing. I could physically feel it. I blinked and rubbed my eyes while I searched for exactly what the thing was. 1.144 palabras más