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The Split Man: An Analysis on The Master

When you’re a director such as Paul Thomas Anderson, you have a track record that is so good that any of your films can be considered the greatest. 1.165 palabras más


Off the Wagon

Guys… I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. I used to be so good. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday every week. One blog over on my author site… 192 palabras más


Extra! Extra!

I am about to step out of my regular routine and add some changes to my life. It all began while I got drunk while remembering my friend who I lost recently (I shared my feelings here: … 436 palabras más


The 30 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

It can hardly be doubted that you’ve seen a list like this before. Hell, Rolling Stone just put out their list last week.

That being said, … 2.823 palabras más

The Weirdest Thing that has Ever Happened to Me

This is a story about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.  I usually save it for parties and second dates, but lucky you, I’m sharing it with everyone.  735 palabras más


Interview: Zoe Claire

Today we’re joined by Zoe Claire. Zoe is a wonderful visual artist who also does some writing and acting. She’s an aspiring animator who simply loves to draw. 596 palabras más


Gyre & Gimble puppetry training

I have always believed in a little bit of magic, and I think this is an essential quality for a puppeteer. The belief that one can breathe life into an otherwise inanimate collection of foam and wood is, in my mind, a belief in magic. 552 palabras más