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Will La La Anthony’s Topless Scene In Power Hurt Her Marriage?

Lala Anthony recently did a topless scene on the hit show, “Power,” but will it have a negative affect on her marriage to baller Carmelo Anthony… 113 palabras más


Being prompt...

… or if you’d rather the more PC term, ASM (Assistant Stage Manager for short).

We are currently rehearsing a play for our summer production – A Life in the Theatre by David Mamet. 322 palabras más



It was transient. But that force struck me hard and deep.

“If one does not pursue her dream, then is she living her own life? Or is she living the life that others want her to live?” 457 palabras más

Five Minutes with Frankie Nassimbeni

Balloons float around the room, piano music plays and performers take their places. Today’s rehearsal of Whateverland begins with Edward saying, “Hello world”. Rosedale 208 is the morning the second after waking when the day is alive with possibility. 1.310 palabras más

Cape Town

In Defence of Theatre: My Response To Elizabeth Day

‘I don’t much like theatre. You’re not really allowed to say that, are you?’ – Elizabeth Day, writing in the Observer, in what appears to be a review of Educating Rita. 614 palabras más


Three years on the blog!

Yet another year has gone by and the blog and I are celebrating our third anniversary!

This time last year I was threatening to release my second book… 293 palabras más