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What You Talkin' Bout, Judges?

Malyssa and Kirt are doing their best to interpret what judges really mean when they use language that is difficult to understand.

Forensics Faces is recorded and edited in Sheboygan, WI. 61 palabras más


ESFF Interviews Stephen Horne about film-making in an ancient Scottish Graveyard!

THE LICK by Stephen C Horne is a surreal and imaginative comedy that gets inside the delirium-fuelled daydream of its protaganist and the love of his life, inside a strange, Scottish graveyard, peopled by oddly menacing and slightly crazed phantasms. 27 palabras más

Acting Tips: Additional Talent & Memorizing Lines

I enjoy auditions, and the process of breaking down a script, memorizing the lines, and getting ready for auditions. And you really can’t go on too many auditions. 1.043 palabras más

Kameron Badgers

Pirates beware – kids lurk here!

“Now then Raph” I said to my co-star the day before we were due to present the latest Story Storks theatre show, “I feel I have to warn you about what might happen when you’re on stage dressed as a pirate.” 1.092 palabras más

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I’ve been living in LA for almost 3 years determined have a career in the entertainment industry. I was hyper focused on getting my agent after doing alot of extra work in New York City. In this video

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Interview: Jessica Whitfield Discusses Her Acting Journey

Jessica Whitfield’s acting career began in middle school when she performed as Lenora in The Long Christmas Dinner by Thornton Wilder. She continued her stage acting career throughout high school and college where she earned a BFA in Theatre/Acting from Drake University.  867 palabras más

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