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Michael Wiles: Tips for Actors Trying to Remember Their Lines

Michael Wiles is a committed individual who has been working hard in order to achieve success in his career field. He is currently serving as a Musical Director, Casting Director, and Actor for a major theater company in the Sacramento, California area. 279 palabras más

Michael Wiles

Love Thy Steamer.

On Friday ‘The Romford Rose’ opened at the Queens theatre, Hornchurch! I have had so much support and I wanted to take a chance to thank Liam and Janet Hill and my lovely friend, Grace, for coming on the opening night! 1.093 palabras más


"So what speeches are you doing...?"

This post is to talk about the big ‘M’.. Monologues.

Monologues are possibly one of the most important things you have to have sorted for when you audition for drama school. 1.419 palabras más

Drama School

Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 6 "Part 19"

Bloodline’s slow burn pacing for the most part doesn’t work in this episode as the first half keeps the narrative stagnant and much of it recycles earlier ideas and plot twists, however, as the series realign itself with its initial focus upon the concept of family, it begins to become more intriguing and more complex with Sally’s storyline and overall deterioration being well executed, though while John’s downward spiral into anti-heroism is sometimes apparent, it isn’t consistent enough or focussed upon enough to have much impact on the wider story. 7.3/10


When the Curtain Closes


After fours years of memorizing lines, countless costume changes, and friendships formed, Pat took to the stage of Pamlico HS for the last time. 1.123 palabras más

Personal Growth

3 Lessons the Great Stanislavski Taught Us About Characterisation

Characterisation is yeast. Without it, your bread novel turns into a pancake yawn fest. But building well rounded characters that are captivating enough to keep readers up till 3am finishing your book can be a bit of an enigma. 910 palabras más


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 5 "Part 18"

There are some nice directorial choices and the cinematography and performances are as stunning as always, but the poor pacing and unconvincing character decisions further damage this episode, absent of any explosive reveals or rather anything to push the narrative forward, focussed rather on character development and relationships as well as some strong thematic points, all of which is executed well, but slowly the audience’s investment in such development is going to wane if the pace doesn’t quicken. 6.9/10