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Audition Hell!

Two auditions in a week?! Crazy, right?!

It may only be the end of August but in advertising land it’s time to start thinking about the C word… 753 palabras más



Learn to value yourself, which means fight for your happiness.

Dreharbeiten zu PIANO GIRL // Shooting for PIANO GIRL

Mitte September wird Martin als MICHAEL (NR) für den Abschlussfilm der MET Film School Berlin PIANO GIRL (Regie: Vincenzo Carbone) vor der Kamera stehen

In mid september shooting starts for PIANO GIRL a graduation project at MET Film School Berlin (director:Vincenzo Carbone). 9 palabras más

Martin Schnippa

New Beginnings

Welcome to the first blog! As a freelance casting director I come across many questions about my experiences. I have gotten work from networking and word of mouth but have decided it was about time to expand into technology and have my own website. 167 palabras más


ICE, El Hielo: La Santa Cecilia


A heartbreaking song about undocumented immigrants, sung by the great La Santa Cecilia. Video directed by Alex Rivera. Stay through the closing credits…

Hielo is the Spanish word for ICE; ICE also stands for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. 369 palabras más


NEW Adult Intro Class to Monologues, Auditions, and Canon

Participants will learn cold reading, monologue and scene prep, including specific works such as Shakespearean soliloquy, modern theatrical monologue, and more.

Details: 31 palabras más


Gorilla Mindset Book Review

I feel like I’m just coming down from a massive XTC trip. All my receptors fried. My happy hormones depleted. Not that I ever did XTC, my manic ass would probably end up committing suicide if I ever had a real XTC fallout. 773 palabras más