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Ringing in New Year with Old Friendship

The first weekend of the New Year, I visited a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in 25 years! It didn’t seem like that much time had gone by, and it’s almost like we picked up where we left off!  254 palabras más

Gratitude Journal


 Not a topic everyone loves.

 Judgment, being judgmental, looking down on others, quiet opinions, snickered remarks. Surely, we all say to ourselves “I would never”, and the “That’s not really like me” but none the less judgment seeps into our lives one way or another. 350 palabras más


On not having a plan

When I moved to Toronto to pursue acting two years ago I was wildly optimistic. I envisioned talk show interviews, red carpets, sparkly lights, glam dresses, set life— actually wait a minute, HAHAHA. 753 palabras más


This 28-lesson acting class will benefit anyone who makes presentations—and actors, also.

There’s a reason why so many well-informed, well-connected business people—attorneys, salesmen and women, lobbyists, politicians, educators, and others—quietly take acting classes. They know that the most powerful form of influencing others is through confident storytelling. 242 palabras más


The Acting Capital Of The World?

I’ll be honest, when I think of the echelon of places to act, my first thoughts turn to Hollywood. No idea why, because I’ve never made a proper movie of any kind, and in terms of theater royalty, Broadway, or Leicester Square should rank higher for me? 371 palabras más