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First audition!!

Hi guys!

I absolutely love acting, although I hadn’t figured it out until a few months ago. I feel like I can’t live without it. Everyday I wait for my Thursday theater class to come, excited about what we’ll do next. 255 palabras más


Dream Cast for Hit List

When I got serious about the idea for Hit List was when I turned a play I had written into a movie script for film school. 687 palabras más


Sometimes you have to let go of someone because of differing opinions, and blind leadership

“Anything I say is just an opinion. You can take it and throw it out”. These are words from Le Wilhelm, the late Artistic Director at Love Creek Productions. 1.082 palabras más


Shakespearean actor training and my literature classroom

One of my more recent research interests is how acting theory relates to the training of Shakespearean (or, more generally, “classical”) actors.  There’s a great deal to be said about how different methods—and, yes, I use that word very, very carefully—affect how an actor approaches a classical text, especially since different styles can result in vastly different performances. 788 palabras más


I did it! Lessons from Self-tape Challenge no. 2

The first time round I was figuring this whole self-tape challenge thing out and trying out various things. This time I wanted to challenge myself into pushing further and giving myself something harder to work on. 412 palabras más


Casting: Joplin and Muskogee, Missouri

Katz Kasting is seeking qualified talent for short film project “The Letters” filming in Joplin and Muskogee, MO.  They are seeking lead, supporting, featured and extra roles for this film. 74 palabras más


Matilda The Musical: “if you’re little you can do a lot...”

“I think theatre should always aim to make its audience laugh and cry, unless there’s a really good reason why not. Stories are best when they are a bit like roller coasters, with highs and lows, twists and turns, a good bit of fear and the significant risk that someone might vomit.

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