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Why youth ministry need less 'story', and more drama.

Much is made of Stories in youth Ministry. Lets get it out there. Stories communicate a message through appealing to imaginations. We connect with character, with script and with narrative arc. 1.558 palabras más



I woke up on January 1st of this year without a plan.

As I surveyed my snow-covered landscape, I suddenly knew.. “I’m moving to Los Angeles.” It was a quiet moment, alone in my house. 365 palabras más



Some time has passed and I can officially say that I am an Actor in Amsterdam. I have now been on set a couple of times, each experience unique in its own. 218 palabras más

Looking for some Drama in your life?

Are you aged between 4 and 25 – Looking for some Drama in your life?

Spotlites runs youth theatre sessions for varying ages groups at their base, Spotlites Theatre in… 524 palabras más


30 Day Blog Challenge: Jobs

Day 09: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

If I could have any job in the world, I think I would absolutely love to become an actress! 95 palabras más


When your doctor throws you shade

I sit down in a tiny Manhattan doctor’s office. The walls are covered in so many framed certificates, diplomas and certifications, you might think they were a patchy white wallpaper if you blurred your eyes. 336 palabras más

What To Do When You're Put on the Spot


You’ve revealed to one especially probing individual that you have a talent that can be shown. You are not the type of person who enjoys being put on the spot, and especially not to display your talents. 670 palabras más