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The 11th member of Blazin' Squad

Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog. This week I have had a lot on my mind and have a million and one things to do before Christmas. 793 palabras más

Everyday Ramblings

The Kid in All of Us Loves the Circus

Except for that one incident with too much cotton candy, most of my experiences with the circus have been so very positive. I saw things I never could imagine. 106 palabras más

Writing And Publishing

A woman who had everything and nothing

So much talent, so much beauty, all gone to dust.

So much wealth, so much fame, at the end nothing was in her name.

Lots of wishes, lots of words, lots of people around but no one found. 271 palabras más


Casting: Atlanta, Georgia

Tammy Smith Casting is seeking qualified talent for the upcoming production “Black Panther” in the Atlanta area. The client is seeking African American females, ages 6 and older, to do a double dutch jump rope scene. 86 palabras más


The Origins of Method Acting

Method acting encourages actors to immerse themselves in the world of the characters they are playing, so that they can more accurately inhabit their roles. This can extend to some actors never breaking character until the last shot of the movie, even when the camera turns off. – IMDB


Get $10 Off At The Actor's Scene!

 The Actor’s Scene is a proud supporter of the Big Dreams Concert! The Actor’s Scene provides on camera training for Film and TV to ages 4-101 at all skill levels… 200 palabras más

Dana Rice Music


  • I was going to try out for Wizard of Oz the play at Hillcrest high. For some reason they weren’t sure if I was a high schooler or someone with a career.
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