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Confession #5: Sometimes I wonder if I should have been an actress

Following Tuesday’s post of characterization comes this little confession of mine.

So, a show of hands… How many of you, while reading a book, have seen the author describe a character’s reaction, and have tried to mimic the character’s reaction to see what it looked or felt like? 289 palabras más

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Review: Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 4 "Haunted House"

A very interesting episode for the fact that it’s the series’ first example of being able to deliver tense, suspenseful and perfectly directed horror sequences, while also balancing humour and overall self-awareness of it’s campy genre, yet it is so disjointed and messy, with the inclusion of an incredibly odd and almost concerning feminist scene that the episode overall loses its impact and is not able to shake its overtly surface level script problems. 7.3/10



Set for an early 2016 release is GREEN WHITE GREEN the debut feature of Nigerian filmmaker Abba Makama with a screenplay by yours truly, Africa Ukoh. 97 palabras más


Casting: Louisiana

Caballero Casting is seeking qualified talent for television series “Roots” in Louisiana. They are seeking African American children to play the role of slaves. Filming will start the beginning of October and go through the middle of October. 62 palabras más



Knowing is one thing, acting is another – actions generally speak louder than words.


[Info] 07/10/15 Lay sẽ vào vai chính trong phim mới '비연' cùng với f(x) Krystal

Thành viên nhóm nhạc thần tượng đại diện làn sóng Hàn Quốc EXO Lay và f(x) Krystal sẽ hợp tác tấn công màn ảnh Trung Quốc với bộ phim mới mang tên ‘비연’ (tạm dịch: Phi luyến). 223 palabras más