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Vale Ark Tribe.

Ark Tribe was the first CFMEU construction worker to be charged with not attending a hearing under the then John Howard’s ABCC laws.
This all came about in 2008 when Ark participated in a workplace meeting over safety issues on a site in Adelaide that was so bad Safework shut it down. 78 palabras más

When White People Say "I Don't See Race," We're Lying

“I don’t see color! WE ALL BLEED RED.”

People of color, you have almost certainly had white people say this to you, or some version of it, numerous times. 1.520 palabras más


What's the Point?

There is this widespread idea that local councils only exist to collect your rubbish and give meals-on-wheels to elderly folk. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that the turnout for local elections is so low. 187 palabras más


Renegade @JennyHatch #SpyGate

Renegade #Spygate

— 🌸 Jenny M Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) May 23, 2018

I dreamed about this song last night. When I woke up and saw SpyGate trending, I knew it had to be the theme for todays video.

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CDC Warns About 7 New Tick Viruses

Is there really a ‘big epidemic’ of tick diseases? CDC warns about 7 new viruses

Experts say we can expect each tick season to be worse than the last.
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