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Understanding Privilege

The readings and films from last week have given me further insight into the history of media, the lack of representation of vital minority perspectives in mainstream media, and also a deeper understanding of privilege and affirmative action. 513 palabras más


EcoJustice and Our Relationship with God by Gina Messina

This semester I am teaching the course EcoJustice and chose Sallie McFague’s A New Climate for Theology as our foundational text. Something I greatly appreciate about McFague is that she continually calls us to radically redefine our understanding of the Divine and of our roles as human beings — fundamental questions that could easily lead to an existential crisis as one student reminded me.  832 palabras más


The importance of patience and a methodical approach / Capitalism is vulnerable and open to change

Is the ending of capitalism not inherent in your stated aim of human beings no longer struggling to survive? Capitalism is certainly responsible for a lot of struggle by the poor in developed nations, and a redistribution of wealth and working time along the lines you have been discussing would seem to require at the very best a form of “managed capitalism” that would seem extreme even to those living in socialist democracies.

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The nature and merits of capitalism / Reforming capitalism / The importance of strategy / Finding common ground between human beings

‘As though you rendered the proletarians a service in first sucking out their very life-blood and then practising your self-complacent, Pharisaic philanthropy upon them, placing yourselves before the world as mighty benefactors of humanity when you give back to the plundered victims the hundredth part of what belongs to them!

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A vision that everyone can agree upon / The rich will share their wealth / Hypocrisy in protest and activist movements

The main enemies you’ll come up against are Capitalist Governments and Corporations. And they’re big and powerful enemies. They survive by perpetuating greed and delusion in the population.

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On Supporting Sex Workers

Hey, I want to remind y’all that when we talk about supporting sex workers that means street-based sex workers too and part of that includes not mocking sex workers for having prices lower than we would imagine/ set for ourselves.  498 palabras más