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What do you think about Crocus Bag a Tings after a year?

Crocus Bag a tings. A discussion programme I host on Zanj Radio was one year old yesterday. I found out quite by accident. How do I feel? 233 palabras más

Activist Notes

Small people

Small people
One day will get big

And those who they call minority

are most of the people that you see

Don’t you ever abuse a humble man… 238 palabras más

Activist Notes

in jamaica they beg you not to sell your vote 

have you noticed the appearance of a government in jamaica

ministers making announcements and pronoucements

taking up space

news of their personal achievements

while some people see suffering unrelent… 492 palabras más

Activist Notes

The life and death of the activist


There is no need for the activist.

The cycle of life is justice

Activist Notes

A How dem test dutty food innah Jamaica

A How dem tes dutty food innah Jamaica?
yuh think if yuh coulda ask Karl Samuha how di dutty food tes guh?

Yuh tink him coulda dweet ? 67 palabras más

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Open letter to the Jamaica Justice systemMr. Smart and his lawyer Mrs. Valerie

How you live with killing the mother and the baby?
Why can’t you volunteer to be guity?
What about accepting responsibility?

Justice don’t know accountability. 73 palabras más

Activist Notes

An Introduction to Nothing Matters a collection of haikus poems and other writings by DJ afifa

One of the poems in the nothing matters collection is called earthseed. A reflection on growth life learning and change.

and then
you get to a place…

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