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Adam Lambert has been with "a few" closeted Hollywood guys

Adam Lambert has claimed he’s been with “a few” closeted male Hollywood stars.

The singer, who unveiled his new single Ghost Town last week, revealed in an interview with Glamour magazine al labout it. 172 palabras más

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Adam Lambert Wishes for 'Gay to Become Less of a Label'

Since publicly speaking about his sexuality as a gay man while starring as a contestant on FOX’s American Idol, Adam Lambert has been one of the music industry’s top LGBT figures in the world today, and William Paterson University students agree. 519 palabras más




It’s been a long ass time since we’ve heard from the best pop-star American Idol created other than Kelly Clarkson (SORRY JENN). That’s right the one and only Adam Lambert is making a proper comeback following his massively underrated sophomore record, … 303 palabras más

Ghost Town

Been feeling sort of listless these days. It’s hard to describe.

On Saturday, Annie and VP and I had originally planned to go hike in Muir woods. 264 palabras más

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Adam Lambert: 'I've had sex with Hollywood stars who are in the closet'

Adam Lambert has hinted he’s had sex with a number of closeted Hollywood A-listers.

The former American Idol star, who is openly gay, finds it ridiculous that Tinseltown’s men can’t express their true sexuality in public and blames the macho culture for stopping more stars coming out. 227 palabras más


More on Singing - Part 1

This is going to be a two-part blog (I’ve just decided), as if I include all of the information I thought of originally, there are going to be far too many words at once.   1.660 palabras más


Single Review: Ghost Town// Adam Lambert

‘American Idol’ star Adam Lambert released yesterday the first single from his new album, The Original High, and ‘Ghost Town’ has certainly set a high standard indeed for the rest of the album’s tracks.  176 palabras más