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Will The Voice Winner Be a Winner?

Congratulations to Alisan Porter for winning The Voice aka The Game Show With Singing – a show I find utterly detestable for reasons I have articulated at length over the years… 666 palabras más

Adam Lambert

Five Places Adam Lambert's Been Serving Up Realness Lately

Worldwide superstar Adam Lambert has been quite busy lately, so I figured it was the perfect excuse to write about his whereabouts. Or you know, just a Wednesday. 523 palabras más


Queen + Reina Adam Lambert celebren Freddie Mercury a Barcelona

Cuenta la leyenda que, de petita, jo volia aprendre anglès per cantar les cançons que escoltava a casa. Cuenta la leyenda també que Queen és un dels grups preferits de ma mare (i meus!) i que, quan ma mare va comprar el vinil… 1.732 palabras más

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Is it live or is it Internet?

My “big plan” for the Friday of the long weekend was to watch the webcast of the opening show of Queen + Adam Lambert’s tour, performed as part of the Rock in “Rio” festival in Lisbon. 561 palabras más


Piece on the release of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016'

When you collaborate for a website tackling not only music but also cinema and other showbiz events, chances are that you will be asked to write about things that have nothing to do with your background culture.  122 palabras más


NQTB: Thoughts on the new 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'...

The first teaser trailer for the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on America’s Fox network has arrived.

There’s a nice mix of Broadway & pop music talent in the cast (even if they are all a bit generically pretty – hey, this is the USA!). 353 palabras más