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I wallowed today in the emptiness of a Saturday alone.

Mid-way through the day, I realized I needed to get my head together.

Sure, I continued to watch a shit ton of tv – but then I did a quick 5-4-3-2-1 mindshift and started to do some research. 282 palabras más

"Everybody Who Has Plucked Eyebrows Looks the Same"

Today has been unusual but quite pleasant. I don’t usually get to sip coffee in three different coffee shops within a 26-hour period of time. Today is the exception–I have been working on writing a paper on anxiety for my English 122 class in college as I think I mentioned previously. 493 palabras más

College Life

Services for Student Nurses

Welcome to Caduceus Nurse Tutoring! Our mission is to help you reach your destiny by providing exceptional tutoring services for student and graduate nurses around the globe. 83 palabras más


3AM thoughts: Why did I stay?

I wrote this at 3AM.

It’s 3AM now, and I’m writing this. I woke up with this noise created by people not caring if people are still sleeping. 660 palabras más

Pensées De Louella

one month in, one test down

To recap: I’m currently a first year nursing student in an ADN program. I have a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field. I worked at a subsidiary of one of the largest companies in the world after college before realizing that I needed something more than a corporate job that rots my soul. 440 palabras más

The Journey Begins

Life is a journey. Where the road will lead us, we do not know for certain. But what we do know if that it won’t always be a straight path. 340 palabras más