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ADN Dominicano Robusto 50 x 152

This cigar is rock solid!

You really need a guillotine to cut this cap, it’s a seriously solid cigar! Once finally cut, dark chocolate and peanuts greet you for the cold draw. 143 palabras más



“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” —Oprah Winfrey

Summer is right around the corner, or maybe already present in your corner of the world and this means TRAVEL. 666 palabras más


Nursing as a Second Degree: A Friend's Question

The other day, my cousin reached out, telling me she had a former classmate who was considering nursing and wanted to know more about the program I am in. 1.253 palabras más


Climate normal

Snow was falling heavily again in Alaska’s largest metro area on Monday to torment those who confuse weather and climate.

Blame the local newspaper.

There is a time-worn adage in journalism that if you write about how nice the weather, the weather is sure to turn to crap. 558 palabras más


Tangled nets

The day after the Alaska Legislature blocked the confirmation of a Board of Fisheries (BOF) appointee amid allegations he sexually harassed multiple employees of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the state agency revealed it has no record of anyone filing even a single allegation. 2.558 palabras más


Chamberlain College of Nursing

Hey guys! I often get soooo many questions about my honest opinion on my experience at Chamberlain. I know the website can be confusing and leaves little information on tuition and class format.  1.996 palabras más


Associates versus Bachelors: Nursing Program Pros and Cons

Associates versus Bachelors: Nursing Program Pros and Cons

Choosing a career is half the battle. Now, you need to figure out which path in that career to take, beginning with your education. 590 palabras más