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Save Our Date Siti Fadhilah & Adrianto Amril

Save Our Date

Resepsi Pernikahan
Minggu,12 April 2015

Barangsiapa menikah untuk menjaga kehormatan diri dan agamanya maka.

Allah SWT akan memuliakan dirinya


Dalam saling mencintai dibutuhkan kekuatan, Kekuatan dalam menjaga amarah melalui kesabaran,nDan kekuatan memaafkan dengan penuh ketulusan… 50 palabras más


I prayed for flowers and Luna

Adriana has trouble with her left hand.

It trembles sometimes.

That’s how one of her doctors suspected she might have SMA.

Her trembling hand.

It doesn’t have the same range of motion as her stronger right hand. 809 palabras más

Love ain't what I thought it was

Do you ever find yourself traveling back in time to a place when life was simpler?

When your responsibilities were practically non-existent?

When the biggest decision you had to make was whether to watch television or read a book? 999 palabras más

A hope for better things

Today, Adriana’s and Santiago’s preschool celebrated Dia de los Abuelitos (Grandparents’ Day).

Each classroom put on a skit.

I know from seeing Santi’s previous performances that the skits typically involve dancing, jumping and moving around the stage. 387 palabras más

A glimpse of Adri's battle against SMA

The other day, I was talking to my friend Joanne from Colorado.

We worked together when I first moved to Denver in 1998, and we remain friends. 441 palabras más