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The Nerdlies, Issue 13

Small biweeklies to feed your inner nerd

Whit’s End found to have alternate dimension

By Kungfunaomi

Whit’s End is the most popular ice-cream shop in town. 153 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

AIOWiki poll has been updated- no user required!

Hey nerds! Remember that big to-do I made last night about the AIO Writers teaming up with AIOWiki to gather your opinions? Well, now it is faster and easier than ever to give them your answers! 47 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

The AIO Writers team up with AIOWiki for YOUR opinions!

Hey, nerds! This is a highly unusual event so please participate! The Adventures in Odyssey writers are using AIOWiki to gather information about fan’s opinions on Adventures in Odyssey. 171 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey


Hey Nerds! Haven’t heard me in a while! Yesterday I was bored and decided to go through my achieve of photos and I came across two interesting photos. 252 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

Odyssey Geek Reviews Swept Away

Hey, nerds! Austin Peachey’s channel, Odyssey Geek, has reviewed the AIOC two-parter, Swept Away. This is sure to be entertaining, so I suggest you watch this three-minute video. 10 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

Reviewing Adventures in Odyssey as an Atheist: The Time of Our Lives

(sorry for the delay. I thought I’d work a half shift today, come home, do a final polish, and post it only an hour or so late. 2.464 palabras más


AIOC: The Imagination Station #20 Fully Available

Hey nerds! The AIOC exclusive preview of the Imagination Station, Book 20, is now a complete preview. The chapters were released three or four at a time, now they are all there in the preview. 12 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey