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How to support students with chronic illness


This is part II in a three-part series. Read part I, the stories of Allie Pitones and Fiona Daggett, here.

Just like everyone else… 900 palabras más


Quick advice

Never try to combine a move, a new job, and a new relationship. The result, in my case, is a stressed, emotional woman who can cry at the drop of a hat and is scared shitless that it will all blow up in her face. 18 palabras más

Starting Anew

Witnessing a suicide

I witnessed a suicide about a year ago

I was traumatized by this experience

I was stuck in my mind for days

Why would a person do such a thing ? 218 palabras más


The Truths I Need to Start Believing

Every single one of us is guilty of doing this, whether we are aware of it or not. It could be verbal, or it could be silent within ourselves, but we all do it. 629 palabras más


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The tongue is a fantastic organ! You Use it for speech, taste and decorative/culture ( tongue piercing). 250 palabras más

Pointless Overthinking