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Genetically modified, sterile mosquitoes

Two studies posted in Nature this week (LePage, Beckman) have shown the power of common bacterial genes in mosquito sterilisation. By splicing bacterial genes into living male mosquitoes they become infertile and allow for control of the mosquito population size. 139 palabras más

Abstract Science

The spread of mosquito borne diseases in the U.S.

Excerpted from Entomology Today

A team of researchers from Brazil and Argentina propose several ideas for the many mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in a paper recently published in the… 299 palabras más


Can we assume that no dengue epidemic in the U.S. implies little chance of a Zika epidemic? (both diseases are transmitted by the same mosquito)

Not too long back Dengue epidemics were part and parcel of life in certain parts of the US (1). Florida had its last Dengue epidemic in 1934. 1.556 palabras más


Mapping patient’s movements during an outbreak may be key to reducing dengue transmission

Photo Credit: CDC/James Gathany

When tackling diseases spread by mosquitoes it’s easy to forget that humans move around too.

A recent study investigating a dengue outbreak in Australia revealed that humans were important dispersers of… 331 palabras más


Mosquito Repellents: DEET and PMD Sprays Most Effective, While Wearable Devices Disappoint, Study Finds

A search for “mosquito repellent” on delivers more than 28,000 product results. For a regular consumer, it can be difficult to find the ones that truly work among a sea of products that make bold claims. 791 palabras más

Entomology News

New Federal Report on Aedes Mosquitoes Could Signal Shift in How Zika Virus and Other Pathogens are Researched

By Johanna Elsensohn

Throughout the world, a single mosquito bite can have one of many consequences: mild infection, severe illness, birth defects, death, or, for the majority of people, just a small, itchy bite mark. 1.615 palabras más

Entomology News

Could a Large-Scale Zika Outbreak Occur in the United States?

By Josh Lancette

While recent news cycles in the United States largely have been dominated by election coverage, the threat of Zika remains a concern both locally and globally, with a… 948 palabras más

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