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New publications on Zika available from Texas A&M AgriLife

From the Insects in the City blog, Texas A&M AgriLife extension entomologist Mike Merchant provides some new resources for homeowners on how to prepare for the Zika virus. 170 palabras más


Cases of Dengue Drop 91 Percent Due to Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

By Richard Levine

Once again, a technique that modifies insects in order to control their populations has been proven effective. RIDL, which stands for Release of Insects carrying a Dominant Lethal, has been applied to… 506 palabras más

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Be aware & Take care

“Standing water” in ditches & wetlands are not where the mosquitoes that transmit Zika, dengue & chikungunya — Aedes aegypti & Aedes albopictus — reproduce. These mosquitoes are known as “domestic” mosquitoes or “container-breeding” mosquitoes.  91 palabras más

Wolbachia Bacterium Prevents Mosquitoes from Transmitting Zika and Chikungunya

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have confirmed that a benign bacterium called Wolbachia pipientis can completely block transmission of Zika virus in Aedes aegypti… 1.122 palabras más

Entomology News

#AToZJamaicaChallenge: Z is for Zika (Finally, Inevitably)

Well, this is the final chapter in the wanderings through the alphabet that my colleagues Dennis Jones, Susan Goffe and I embarked on at the beginning of the month. 333 palabras más


"Bug Off" Aedes aegypti

There are over 40 mosquito species in Arizona; Aedes aegypti has been linked to equine encephalitis, West Nile and the Zika virus. The only long term solution to mosquitoes is eliminating breeding sites. 300 palabras más


Study compares insect repellents and rates their effectiveness

The Zika virus has made many people more aware of the need to wear repellents. Consumer Reports tested several DEET-based and natural repellents and recommended several brands… 627 palabras más