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North Carolina scientists mapping mosquito eggs to prepare for Zika

Each week, Anastasia Figurskey hides 15 plastic cups filled with water in bushes near spots around Wake County where people will walk by: Gas stations, front yards of home and recycling drop-off centers all fit the bill. 134 palabras más


Zika virus: Brazil dismisses link between larvicide and microcephaly

One state has suspended use of pyriproxyfen in drinking water after claims the chemical, rather than the Zika virus, could be behind the rise of the birth defect. 808 palabras más



No this is not as scary as you might be lead to believe. In the summer edition of NIH’s Medline Plus, a FREE health magazine that is published quarterly by the leading scientific research center in the US, Dr. 443 palabras más


Seminar Sept. 22 in Austin will address Zika and mosquito management

by Paul Schattenberg, Texas A&M AgriLife

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County is presenting an informational seminar on Zika from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 182 palabras más


The Oxitec Mosquito: Genetic Modification in Public Health

What if I told you that genetic modification could make human-biting mosquitos a thing of the past? This may be slightly exaggerated but Oxitec, a British biochemistry company, seeks to do something along these lines. 1.695 palabras más


10 Scary Facts About the Zika Mosquitoes

Two mosquitos spread the Zika virus.

  • Aedes Aegypti (often called the Yellow Fever mosquito)
  • Aedes Albopictus (commonly called the Asian Tiger mosquito)

Here is a  list of the top ten facts about them. 373 palabras más

Aedes Aegypti

More than two billion people at Zika risk

More than two billion people who live in “environmentally suitable” areas around the world are at risk at of being infected by the Zika Virus, … 554 palabras más

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