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Data-deficient deer messing with my baby trees

I have a red brocket deer problem. This isn’t exactly a “first world problem”, I guess, but it does feel somehow funny and privileged. At least in that I’m not shooting, trapping, poisoning, or otherwise doing anything to these damn animals, which may or may not be endangered…. 713 palabras más

Puerto Peñasco

Some pictures of my “Girls weekend getaway” in Puerto Peñasco or what Americans call, Rocky Point. I think it’s ironic that I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life and have traveled to so many countries but it took me 30 years to finally go to Mexico (which is only 2 and a half hrs by car). 188 palabras más

Crema de poro & espinacas

En dias frios lo que más me provoca es tomar una crema calientita! en esta receta combino dos de mis verduras favoritas, el poro y las espinacas pero usando esta misma base tú puedes usar las verduras que más te gusten y hacer tus propias combinaciones como zanahoria y cebolla, zapallo con zanahoria o champiñones con poro! 469 palabras más


Organ Pipe and a Low Tire

After leaving Tucson, we made a quick hop over to Ajo, Arizona to see Organ Pipe National Monument. Seeing that this was one of our shorter travel days at 136 miles, we thought we would do a little exploring after we set up camp. 838 palabras más

Fulltime RVing

Sopa de fideos


  • 200g. fideos de arroz
  • 100g. champiñones
  • 3 ramas de cebollino

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