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Exercises in Prayer

This year’s team devotions definitely had a theme:  Prayer.  Each person is required to prepare at least two devotions to share with the group.  They are encouraged to speak on something that God is currently working on in their lives.  578 palabras más

Headed Back to Anchorage

Once we were all back together in the Yute Airlines building, Dr. Wages went off to see if she could get us into Anchorage that night, instead of the next day. 622 palabras más

Toksook-Take 2

While waiting for the rest of the group to arrive from Tununak, we all sat down and watched Cars 3 with his year old son.  Philip also cooked some salmon, potatoes, rice, and onions which was really good.  1.192 palabras más


Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula you see a lot of seagulls. They are everywhere: hanging out on roofs, wheeling overhead, wandering around your backyard. One of my favorite views in Port Angeles is a seagull-lined building on the waterfront. 113 palabras más


Ma Vie En Rose: Anchorage, Alaska

If you were to ask my children what they remember most about our trips to Anchorage, they will tell you that it was always filled with soccer first, and then traditional activities: eating out at restaurants, and shopping. 1.185 palabras más


The Last Frontier

Whenever a bunch of fellows would get together, someone would start talking about going up north…Things were pretty much settled to the south of us…It’s only natural we’d start talking about the north.

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