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WWE's Paige: 'I wanted to physically harm myself' after private photos leaked

After her private photos were leaked, WWE star Paige said there were days when she wanted to “physically harm myself.”

“Not only for what millions was telling me but because my family and my husband were suffering the same fate from the internet because of my mistake,” she wrote in a statement released on Twitter on Monday night. 238 palabras más


Alberto Del Rio Blaming WWE For Paige's Alleged Sex Tape Leak? -- They Tried To 'Destroy Us'

Alberto Del Rio may be throwing some major shade at the WWE in his latest Instagram post. In the wake of fiancee Paige’s leaked nude photos and the release of an alleged sex tape, the wrestler called out a ‘company’ that tried to ‘destroy’ them. 384 palabras más

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Fappening 2.0 Update: WWE Paige's Fiancé Alberto Del Rio Responds To Nude Photo, Sex Tape Leak

WWE “Total Divas” star Paige’s fiancé Alberto Del Rio responded to the nude photo and sex tape leak Thursday. Del Rio said in a statement he will not be attending WrestleCon, a wrestling convention scheduled to take place next weekend in Orlando, Florida, after his fiancée got involved in the Fappening 2.0, a massive celebrity nude photo scandal. 399 palabras más


WWE Diva Paige Responds To Nude Photos And Sex Tapes Leaked In Fappening 2.0 Scandal

The Fappening 2.0 continued Friday after nude photos and sex tapes of WWE “Total Divas” star Paige leaked to Celeb Hijad, a blog that regularly writes satirical news. 297 palabras más


Is the Paige Leak Bad for Her Career?

In case you didn`t know by now WWE superstar Paige has had her private photos and videos released online and many people feel sorry for her but is it really bad for her.Now, let`s be honest,of course this is bad for her if she wants to still have a succesful WWE career becuse WWE needs to have a good public image.But she can possibly turn this into good publicity for a succesful indie career and considering she is involved in a reltionship with former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio who has left the company twice and doesn`t seem to be on that good of terms with WWE.This and her multiple backstage apearences at indie events with her boyfriend could make her want an indie career which could be very good for her because you don`t need to be in WWE to be a popular and succesful wrestler epecially if you were succesful at WWE and she most certainly was especialy during her feud with AJ Lee.She has also won the WWE divas title on her debut which made her the youngest champion in WWE female division history.She also was the first women ever to hold the NXT womens title and WWE divas title at the same time.So there is no doubt she can have a very succesful indie career also considering the fact most of the people who support and look for the leaks,support indie wrestling while fans who are against are mostly WWE only fans.But however,which path she chooses let`s hope she is succesful because she is definitely is one of the best female wrestlers in the world.


WWE Star Paige's Fiance Alberto Del Rio Is Livid That Her Sex Tape Is Online

And the plot thickens. Just hours after WWE star Paige’s alleged nude pics and sex tape leaked online, EXCLUSIVELY learned her fiance, Alberto Del Rio, is livid because the footage seems to reveal Paige performing sexual acts with another man. 279 palabras más


Bad News For Paige

If you are a WWE fan then you definitely are aware of The Ballad Of Paige, but if you have been living under a rock then obviously you wouldn’t know. 400 palabras más