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Alberto El Patron Finally Cuts Loose In This Week's Exclusive Lucha Underground Clip

You know what’s great? Getting to see Alberto Del Rio wrestle.

One of the reasons I keep telling you to watch Lucha Underground is for the novelty of it. 464 palabras más


Pro Wrestling Vortex w/Aaron Flow - Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Pro Wrestling Vortex Podcast gets into Joe’s lackluster return speech at the ROH 13th Anniversary Show, stand-out matches on the event, the ridiculous no-selling, Lesnar’s leverage moves this weekend, and WWE’s interesting usage of a returning AJ Lee this week on RAW.


10 Reasons You Should Watch Lucha Underground

 by Aaron Flow

This is an awesome time to be a wrestling fan, but if you’re a casual viewer, it could also be frustrating.  WWE doesn’t seem to know what their audience wants and because of this, the audience isn’t fully sure what they want either.   828 palabras más


Times, They Are A Changing

During the first 50 plus years of professional wrestling’s history in the United
States slow and steady was the norm, the expected pace. Wrestling followed the… 566 palabras más


Ring of Honor 2/14/15

  • Jay Briscoe starts the show off by joining the commentators.  Hopefully he’s not out there for too long as he can barely speak English.
  • Jimmy Jacobs heads to the ring for his match against Tommaso Ciampa.  
  • 646 palabras más

Lucha Underground 2/18/15 - Recap With Thoughts and Analysis

  • Book-end main events on Lucha Underground in this episode, an awesome way to go for a one hour show.
  • Chavo vs. Muertes to start off the show.
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Samoa Joe Looking Over Offers

Samoa Joe rumors have been circulating like wildfire with some people speculating on where he will end up next, while others are saying he’s done wrestling.   479 palabras más