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Sous la nuit

Sous la nuit

The absent ones blow greyly and the night is dense. The night’s the colour of the dead man’s eyelids.
        All night I’m on the run, I channel the pursuit and flight, I sing a song for my misfortunes, black birds upon black shrouds. 180 palabras más


Alejandra Pizarnik

All night I hear the noise of water sobbing. All night I make night in me, I make the day that begins on my account, that sobs because day falls like water through night. 303 palabras más


Alejandra Vive!


Bar Florida, 22 de agosto , 14h

[…] Quando ia pra a escola, um sopro de esperança me inundou. Me vi caminhando, sentindo, olhando. E disse a mim mesma: Sou feliz porque estou viva! 658 palabras más

Alejandra e o Mar

O mar fez cosquinhas numa mulher que saiu gritando: “Encontrei uma fantasma! Encontrei um fantasma!

As ondas flertam com o sol… mas os molhes observam e depois comentam, com o grande escândalo de um velho polvo. 650 palabras más

Very soon I will send you something, a few birds of fire

Dear Alejandra,

I confess that I have been reading your letters, Blímele. More than that: I’ve been carrying this Nueva Correspondencia Pizarnik (ed. Ivonne Bordelois and Cristina Piña, 2014, not translated to English yet) with me, … 1.379 palabras más

Scarlet Letters

Alejandra Pizarnik

Alejandra Pizarnik (April 29, 1936 – September 25, 1972) was an Argentine writer.

She studied literature and philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, but never completed her studies. 227 palabras más

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