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Alika (Proyeksi Mimpi)

‘Tidak berdaya’ adalah perasaan nomor wahid yang dibenci Alika. Dia tidak pernah bisa menerima kenyataan atau berdamai ketika berhadapan dengan rasa ‘Tidak berdaya’. Perasaan ‘Tidak berdaya’ itu selalu menghasilkan murka tanpa rupa.

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Alika, first Spanish-language artist to headline Reggae Fest

As Austin’s Reggae Festival kicks off it’s three-day music celebration today, attendees on Saturday can expect to check out the fest’s first Spanish-language headliner.

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Things To Do

Week 12 - Pets / Herinandro faharoambin'ny folo - Biby namana

Kevin and I choose alternatively the theme every week.  He chose “Pets” for our week 12.     A pet is “a domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure.”  Each country has its own pet-‘able’ animal and there are some animal rights organisations that frown upon some practices.   466 palabras más

SS18: Alika

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”



Catatan Seorang Pria

Ada catatan ditulis oleh seorang pria single yang mendambakan bidadari surganya… Dia menulis… Catatan ini ǟᏦʊ dapat tidak sengaja saat googling.

Dear, aku mencintaimu tanpa syarat …

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Story Of My Life

Life After You

It is difficult to know at what moment love begins, it is less difficult to know that it has begun.. Here I am now, Mrs. Ali, we got married. 591 palabras más

Story Of My Life

He is sick...

We have been married for 23 days.. Everything is going alright, happiness are full fill us non stop. Thanks to Allah. December 13, 2014 he went back to his job city on different island. 145 palabras más

Story Of My Life