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50 Prompts Series: #5

“I really don’t let myself cry in front of anybody.”

You know when you’re having a really bad day, but you’re still holding it together? And granted you’re just BARELY holding it together but you’re pretty sure you’ll be fine. 4.390 palabras más

Dungeons And Dragons

59 Prompts Series: #3

“Friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.”

Y’know what I have a soft spot for? Stoic, somewhat grumpy, but well-meaning characters who are good and loving beneath their prickly exteriors. 2.002 palabras más

Dungeons And Dragons


So, remember how I said I have a literal shitload of unused D&D characters? Here’s more of them!

One of my long-running side projects right now is an in-progress novel about Android gladiators, originally starting as a Megaman fanfiction and now slowly blossoming its way into a full-on original universe fiction. 5.980 palabras más

Dungeons And Dragons