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Interviewing Traumatized Women

The ethics of interviewing traumatized women: Zahera Harb says journalists often add to their suffering.

“Seeking informed consent in such cases is crucial,” she writes. “But before asking Yazidi women to give consent to these stories being recorded and disseminated, journalists should have informed them about how, where and when their stories would be published or broadcast.”


UN: 12 million girls married during childhood annually

Despite drop in annual child marriages, new UN figures show quicker progress is needed to end the practice.

India witnessed a sharp 20 percent drop in child marriages over the past decade… 374 palabras más

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Violence continues in Sri Lanka despite emergency decree

A shop and a mosque attacked

in Sri Lanka as communal violence continues despite imposition of state of emergency.

Muslims make up 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s population of 21 million… 167 palabras más

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Al Jazeera Media Network opens regional office in Addis

By Seid Alemu

Al Jazeera Media Network officially launched its regional office in Addis Ababa on Thursday in the presence of ambassadors and high ranking government officials. 249 palabras más


Incredible reproduction of Van Gogh masterpieces

I chanced upon an episode of Witness on the Aljazeera cable television and I was glued to my seat watching it, such that I decided to share it with you. 162 palabras más

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Democracy North: Iranian Protests and US warhawks

W2MEDIA.ORG  |  Democracy North independent Canadian news hour broadcast on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm LIVESTREAM – Airing live at Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018, 5pm PST… 767 palabras más