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The Eritrea “Massacre” That Never Happened

By Mela Ghebremedhin | Black Agenda Report | November 8, 2017

Mass protest. Mass rally. Indiscriminate gunshots. Mass casualties and death. These are some of the sensationalist words and phrases used to create buzz and portray events as simply black and white.

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Mainstream Media, Warmongering

autumn's twilight

Going through the gate

I also am a wander

this twilight in autumn

~Buson (Y Sawa & E Shiffert, Haiku Master Buson)
It began that first Halloween in Des Moines, Iowa, when I found myself wondering if the ghost, goblins, and witches that appeared at my door were also messaging the onset of seasonal changes.   232 palabras más



I’m young and agile

Energetic but tender

Emotional and passionate

My world is full with mixed feelings

But I’m somewhat naive

Will I make out strong? 205 palabras más



Take a trip to Nairobi, Kenya and you will find a country at war with itself where political contest continues to be a zero-sum game. Next to them in Kampala Uganda even the right to protest is under threat so, citizens and politicians wear red headbands instead.Or you can go across to Togo over Benin in the west and find multitudes of people protesting 50 years of autocratic rule or fly a take a short flight to Nigeria to find a country divided with a people still seeking cessation – Biafra calls. 963 palabras más

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The Decline of Whistling

Hello, all! Here is a piece which Al Jazeera did on Chinantec, a language largely comprised of whistling. Due to improved communications technology, the language is dying off, and the children learning it today only have reason to learn a few select whistles, rather than the entire language. 52 palabras más


Aljazeera: a good example

Aljazeera News is a news organization launched in 2006 that employs 3000 staff from 70 different nationalities and is a independent news source. It was also the first independent news channel in the Arab world and now has divisions in over 100 countries. 165 palabras más

Comm 222

South Korea: World's Longest Protest Over Comfort Women

25-year-old demonstration in Seoul draws international attention to Japan’s World War II sex slavery in occupied Asia.

SEOUL, South Korea – For the last 25 years, Koreans both young and old have gathered in front of the Japanese embassy in central Seoul every Wednesday – 1,300 times – making it the world’s longest-running protest. 861 palabras más