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Explaining The Operation Of The 74181 ALU

You will all no doubt be familiar with the 74 series logic integrated circuits, they provide the glue logic for countless projects. If you look back through old listings of the series you’ll find alongside the familiar simple gates a host of now obsolete chips that reveal their roots in the pre-microprocessor computer industry of the late 1960s, implementing entire functions that would now be integrated. 298 palabras más


The music of MS


You may not have heard this song, but I bet its lyrics will strike a chord.

I cannot feel my body.
I cannot feel my face. 250 palabras más

Multiple Sclerosis

The Fruit of the Spirit (ALUNE: Bible NT)


Galatians (Galatia) 5:22-23

22 Eleyo sie rebe Ro Misete Ikbasaise esi oki lomai, lalesi ndina, esi rue mise kai lomai, esi tahane lale, esi suka tapa tamata makete, esi ono misete ete lomai, esi lene loko pleta rame, 12 palabras más