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POEMS: "The silence" by Amado Nervo "El silencio"

The silence

After a few voices
of love, of pain, of fear,
that we launch in life,
Silence re-conquers us

The great silence, which was… 171 palabras más


SPIRITUAL POEMS: "Kalpa" (in English) by Amado Nervo "Kalpa"(in Spanish)


“Do you want all this to begin again?”
“Yes!” the chorus replied.

In all the eternities
that preceded our world,
how can we refuse to believe that there have already…

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SPIRITUAL POEMS: "Deity" by Amado Nervo ("Deidad")


As a spark sleeps in the pebble
and a statue in the clay,
so in you, divinity sleeps.
Just a press of intense pain… 218 palabras más


SPIRITUAL LOVE POEMS: "The ghost and I" by Amado Nervo (El fantasma y yo)

The ghost and I

My soul is a princess in her tower closed

gazing on life through five little windows.

She is a mournful goddess imprisoned by the body. 188 palabras más


"Light your lamp" by Amado Nervo (Enciende tu lámpara)

Light your lamp

Light your lamp
As soon as night falls, light your lamp.

Do not stay in the dark.

Light your lamp carefully.

The traveler who passes will say: “how much repose there must be near that light, and how much peace”. 274 palabras más


"Fill it with love" by Amado Nervo (Llénalo de amor)

Fill it with love

Fill it with love

Whenever there is a gap in your life, fill it with love.

Adolescent, young, old: whenever there is a gap in your life, fill it with love. 280 palabras más


From Mexico: "The secret is within you" by Amado Nervo ("Dentro de tí está el secreto")

 “The secret is inside you”

The secret is within you.
Search within you for the solution of all problems, even those that you think are most external and material.
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