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Freedom Matters - Part 1

Here it is July 4th, 2020 and we find ourselves in the midst of a perfect storm – a pandemic, an economic crisis, and a social crisis. 944 palabras más


Hula Girl

The little hula girl danced on the dashboard as the pickup truck bounced down the dirt track. The girls gleaming white smile and green grass dress appealed to John’s sense of whimsey. 994 palabras más

Flash Fiction

Saturday Songs and Stories

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s talk about John Phillip Sousa.

Semper Fidelis

I like John Phillip Sousa. I often say his name with the same inflection as Robert Preston in… 275 palabras más


Fourth of July - a 30% celebration and a steak dinner metaphor

Happy Independence Day!

May your burgers be juicy, your fireworks exciting, and your dogs not barking too loudly.

This is easily my favorite summer holiday. It has fireworks, grilling, an excuse to be outside with your favorite cold beer, and a little bit of rebel yell in it. 771 palabras más

Mental Health

10 Videos To Watch And Contemplate America On This Fourth of July: Lizzy Grant Edition

*Bang!* *BOOM* *tsssssssss* OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!! IS THAT A BOMB?! OR A BOX OF BOOM SQUAD?! Why are those explosions so close to my rattling windows? 1.678 palabras más


Bloodshot Records Pandemophenia Compilation

New Bloodshot Records compilation album Pandemophenia, is only available for download or stream on Bandcamp.

It’s a collection of 17 limited or never-before-released tracks by the likes of… 72 palabras más