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Sean Maguire in line to replace Jameis Winston at Florida State

Florida State’s next starting quarterback could be any of five players next season.

But the likeliest choice to replace Jameis Winston could be the same player Jimbo Fisher used to replace Winston for the one game he missed last season due to suspension. 507 palabras más


Pyramid Scheme

Surprise! The Idiot was… well… being an idiot and has fallen for a pyramid scheme multi-level marketing strategy, Amway.

I figured this out a couple weeks ago, being too sick to go to class, work, or study, but obviously well enough to do a lot of Google searches. 494 palabras más


TrendyNoticias: Amway trae la fórmula perfecta para tu cabello...

Además de una buena alimentación, el secreto para lucir una cabellera saludable y hermosa,está en la calidad y combinación de los productos que la mujer usa para lograr su sueño de tener un pelo radiante. 464 palabras más


Hello world!

My name is Demrese Edwards I am an Independent Business Owner with Amway my Online Store is now up and running

(For every new Registered Customer I’ll be giving away a 20% LIFE TIME DISCOUNT). 91 palabras más


Gluten mad!

Tonight as I was browsing Facebook again, I came across an article a person had posted on gluten. The article claimed that gluten is connected to depression, and indeed, nearly every other neurological disorder for good measure. 1.240 palabras más


Introduced : Satinique from Amway

I have heard this brand since I was small, too young to know what kind of product this brand sell during that time. I got to know this brand when one of my friend was using Amway’s product for curing her pimples which worsen day to day. 367 palabras más