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Hello world!

My name is Demrese Edwards I am an Independent Business Owner with Amway my Online Store is now up and running

(For every new Registered Customer I’ll be giving away a 20% LIFE TIME DISCOUNT). 91 palabras más


Gluten mad!

Tonight as I was browsing Facebook again, I came across an article a person had posted on gluten. The article claimed that gluten is connected to depression, and indeed, nearly every other neurological disorder for good measure. 1.240 palabras más


Introduced : Satinique from Amway

I have heard this brand since I was small, too young to know what kind of product this brand sell during that time. I got to know this brand when one of my friend was using Amway’s product for curing her pimples which worsen day to day. 367 palabras más


Help build employee morale with Ribbon Gifts!

Let’s face it, everyone likes to be thanked for hard work, participation and more but sometimes employers don’t take the time, don’t have the time or just plain don’t know how to reward for a job well done. 79 palabras más


Stop Writing While You Still Know What Will Happen Next

Good afternoon denizens of Earth! Good afternoon you crazy bastards!

Proverbs says that he who rises early in the morning and blesses his friend loudly will count it a curse upon himself, so I have risen early in the  325 palabras más

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Share To Win Free Race Kit for the Nutrilite Health Run

This weekend, February 22, 2015, race your way to wellness at the Nutrilite Health Run. And I’m giving away race kits for the following race distances: 8, 5k, and 3k. 102 palabras más


Sunday's Blessing P2

God is good!!! All the time!!! Yes, he surely is and so are you amazing folks so thank you for being awesome. Welcome back parapeeps to another wonderful day in the paradox home of creativity, self development, helpful hints on life and chocolate (we wouldn’t be human without it). 392 palabras más

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