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Coddington wrong. Parliament’s encouragement of tribalism.

Coddington wrong. Parliament’s encouragement of tribalism

 by Amy Brooke

The now controversial implications of Waitangi Day. ..

Tribalism, racism, radicalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, fanaticism, militarism, anti-Semitism, pacificism, classism, feminism, ageism – the disease of the isms underpinning history… 150 palabras más


You are a zero!

A few days ago I was a sorry witness to an unusual conversation – if it can be called that. It was about noon time. The sun was doing her usual “life-giving and death-inflicting” thing. 791 palabras más

I Would Have Made a Good Pharisee

For some reason, my favorite Bible characters have been on my mind as of late. They include Josiah and Peter and Esther to name just a few. 774 palabras más

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Fair Isn't Always Equal

Fair. Put one piece of cake on the table in between 2 kids and you’ll get an immediate lesson in fair. (For those of you with kids, I’ve heard the way of making sure things are fair in this situation is to let one child cut the piece of cake and the other get first dibs on which half they want!) Kids are keenly aware of fair. 714 palabras más

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Contentment -- Priceless

I know you’ve seen them — those commercials for Visa.

  • New shoes — $20
  • New dress — $75
  • New hairstyle with highlights — $100
  • Memories to last a lifetime — Priceless.
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What Taste Do You Leave Behind?

I have never been a fan of cherry — even cherry lifesavers. Honestly, I think it comes down to the fact that so many childhood medicines were suppose to be flavored like wild cherry lifesavers. 639 palabras más

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