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Truly, Deeply, Madly

I loved you the moment I saw you, you were so beautiful. But of course it was just want, lust. Your easy charm, wry wit, the small kindnesses with which you fill your life made me… 64 palabras más

Calm disappointment, and fellatio

I’m writing this when I should be at M-Gs house having coffee and determining (for each of us) if there’s potential to fuck today on our first meeting. 1.036 palabras más


Masochist Desires!

This is one of the most personal anecdotes which I was quite feared from speaking out. But not now, I have my own blog where I can anonymously pen down all my thoughts. 621 palabras más


Sissy Room

Yes! That’s what a Sissy Room is for.

My First Threesome: I Fucked Her Neon

My girlfriend, Andrea, calls at lunch and asks me a question. I’m not sure which of my heads will explode first.

I no longer worry that having a girlfriend will make my sex-life boring. 1.733 palabras más

Captain Thundercock

My secret fetish (part two)

I went back and sat down watching her. She was looking at me and i could see she was so horny. Started licking her lips, talking slowly and nice to me. 381 palabras más


What STDs can contact rendering certain kinds of sex!

What STDs can contact rendering certain kinds of sex! The risk of disease transmission through sexual intercourse is quite high, especially when you have multiple sex partners and do not protect yourself. 22 palabras más