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A is for Anal Appeal

This picture cracked me up…. but all kidding aside, it seems I’ve always had a fascination for anal play. Long before I’d even tried it. (Yes, with a personal philosophy that I’ll try anything once…and more frequently if I enjoy it, it was only a matter of time.) 596 palabras más


10 Tips for Satisfying Anal Sex

1. If you are unsure of the HIV status of your partner, you should always use condoms. A single unprotected intercourse session could result in infection. 590 palabras más


[Harepore] Puni "Loli" Lax

How it was good when we didn’t have lightsaber dicks. Harepore is great.
You can check the gallery on a certain Panda or download it below:



review: I Seduced Bigfoot to Save Broadway from the Homophobic Sasquatches and I Liked It

Title: I Seduced Bigfoot to Save Broadway from the Homophobic Sasquatches and I Liked It

Author: Max Wood

WhatWhat: I think that title makes it perfectly clear, really, but here goes:  Sasquatches have been discovered (near the Canadian border, naturally) and granted legal rights, and Greg has become sexually entranced by the male ones, which comes in handy when his wife drags him to a production of… 93 palabras más


#FridayFive - 5 Things I Will (Probably) Never do in Bed.

1) Threesomes – I have enough to think about with one sexual partner.

2) Anal – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It kinda looks like a lot of effort and I’m happy with the current situation – There’s no need for me to experience this right now. 133 palabras más



Daddy came for a visit yesterday!

It has been a long couple of months of busy, conflicting schedules and limited conversation in general between Daddy and me. 593 palabras más


Sex toy review for the last week of March

Hello all! So here is my second review. Please let me know if I need to be more/ less detailed. I love sex and I love my toys. 182 palabras más