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Unexpected Treat 2

We were at the movies, you were wearing this dress with a past the thigh split on it. I pulled your panties off and while you were blushing you let me do it through the whole show I kept playing with your good girl while I let your hand rest on my dick.  1.426 palabras más

Adult Content

Rhetorical Shenanigans VI: Anal Sex Ban in Michigan


I know it is really popular to just repost and not analyze. It’s easy, doesn’t take any effort, and if you read a credible source its usually safe to do. 376 palabras más

Rhetorical Shenanigans


It was Sunday. We had our weekend together and it was nice. He practiced golf with the boys. I grocery shopped, we went to the gym…basic stuff, relaxing regular life. 909 palabras más


Nasstoys Wild Monkey Beaded Rotating Shaft Vibrator With Clitoral & Anal Teasers, Pink

The Wild Monkey is triple stimulating. An extra powerful rotating rabbit style vibrator with clitoral and anal teaser. Rotating pearls in a 5″ inch shaft provide maximum penetrating stimulation. 30 palabras más

Chapter 3: I'm Not Gay, but We Should Have Sex

While growing up, I’d always had an inkling that I wasn’t like the other boys around me. Because of my superior knowledge of my own feelings at such a young age, it came as a shock to me that I didn’t know why I felt I was different. 999 palabras más


Ted Cruz's New Anal Probe Commercial

They say it takes one,to know one.  This is the new Ted Cruz commercial, advertising Ted Cruz as “TRUS.”

 Funny thing is that TRUS stands for  47 palabras más