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Dick pics are so passé 

I get my fair share of dick pictures. I enjoy them. I’m not that chick who is scared off by a nice one and I will laugh at a small one. 207 palabras más


This student found a problem in the book, and the teacher offered a way to fix that. 1.345 palabras más


Review: Creed by Kristen Ashley

I think I need to take my Kristen Ashley book addictions in small doses, i.e., one book at a time; don’t read them all together. There’s only so much unnecessary verbosity I can take. 268 palabras más


Sex 101: Anal

Anal sex.

Butt stuff.

*insert peach emojis*

It’s painful, it’s weird, and it’s one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever done.

As a millennial in a small town where everyone knows your name, having sex within the community is a no-no if you don’t want your business in the street. 254 palabras más

Anal Sex


Blink… Blink… Shit did I blink? Or is it actually blinking?

Pick up. Unlock. Not a damn thing. My mind is playing tricks on me. Put down. 994 palabras más


Anal Queen

My girl likes it up her ass
She’s a bit of a firecracker
She’s got lots of sass and class
That’s what really matters

I like to fuck her butt… 272 palabras más

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