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I am a slut

Burning sensation went up my asshole, burning, stinging and pain difficult to describe. I saw red as my ass was on fire. I rarely cry but, this time, I pleaded him to stop. 167 palabras más

Use it or lose it

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about that phrase but turns out it’s true. It’s true for things like foreign languages, data allowances and fitness levels but also, apparently, for anal sex skills, if you can call them that. 404 palabras más


Admin's vetting

I wanted my own account for the Pit so I could use it from my own laptop and investigate futher. I authenticated as someone invited by my Dad, or “Blanche”, a reference from the Golden Girls. 255 palabras más

Birthday Present Update.

My birthday night went really well. Daddy and I dropped off the baby with his parents and went to grab my breakfast pizza for dinner, we got back home and made some drinks and sat at the table eating our deliciousness. 680 palabras más