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Her pale fire she snatches from the sun

Shakespeare writes “the moon’s an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the sun” (Timon of Athens, Act 4, Scene 3). He is, of course correct. 115 palabras más


Searching for a Human

Άνθρωπον ζητώ (“I seek a human being.”) Diogenes, the great 4th century BC philosopher, spoke those words as he walked around with a lamp in broad daylight. 508 palabras más


Urlalı Anaksagoras Maceraları

Sade yaşamı değil heykeli de heyecan dolu oldu Urlalı hemşehrimizin. 610 palabras más

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Random Facts: The Sun

The Sun is enormous – its mass comprises over 99.8 percent of the entire solar system. Its diameter is about 865,000 miles and it weighs as much as 330,000 Earths. 126 palabras más