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The examined life ... worth living?

Why is the examined life worth living? In “The Whole Order,” Ed Lake suggests it has something to do with target “there’s something strange about being a minded being in a universe that seems mostly mindless.”

P2: What Can I Know?

Helios: He Who Gladdens Mortals

Helios, the Greek sun-god, doesn’t get much press. Compared to the oracle-god and plague-sender Apollo, he gets hardly any. I remember once watching Jeopardy with friends and being unable to convince anyone that Helios was the sun-god, not Apollo. 1.048 palabras más


Mula-Mula 4 Unsur


  1. Pernahkan kamu berpikir tentang sesuatu yang tidak biasa di pikirkan oleh manusia pada umumnya?
  2. Pernahkah kamu mencari sesuatu yang sebenarnya ada tapi sulit untuk dicari?
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Dunia Sophie

Everything Comes From Everything (quote)

“Everything comes from everything, and everything is made of everything, and everything turns into everything, because that which exists in the elements is made up of these elements.” -Anaxagoras (Ionian philosopher)


"Metaphysics: II. Unity and Being" by Aristotle

Form, not Genus, is Principle

If the universals are always more of the nature of principles, evidently the uppermost of the genera are the principles; for these are predicated of all things.

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