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A Brief Note on a Teaching Success: Mind your Zeus

Have you ever had that moment when something you’ve been trying to teach for years finally comes together because of one brief moment of pedagogic brilliance?   1.387 palabras más


The Indifferent Universe of Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins says at the end of chapter 4 of his book River Out of Eden, “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.” 1.505 palabras más


The Personalities of Presocratics (Aelian, Varia Historia 8.13)

“They say that Anaxagoras the Clazomenian was never seen laughing or smiling from the beginning. They also say that Aristoxenos was hostile to laughter with all of his strength and that Heraclitus used to weep at everything in life.” 42 palabras más


Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 7

Hi all!

I hope it’s been a good week for you. I’ve had a bit of an idling week, one in which I prepare myself mentally to start work (pause for excited yelps and shrieks here) and… yeah, that’s about it. 80 palabras más

Creative Writing

It's Just A Fiery Ball of Metal!

Sometimes it’s not good to be first. The ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras certainly found that to be true, after he was charged with impiety for teaching that the heavenly bodies were rocky balls whirling in the ether, fiery (and visible) because of their rapid rotation. 699 palabras más



Cuando estaba en octavo grado aprendí de memoria esta cita “las apariencias son tan solo un vistazo de lo que no se ve” – Anaxágoras. Hasta este momento, Gael era solo eso para mí: una fachada, una linda conversación, un… 174 palabras más