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Science or Speculation?

What is science?  Suppose someone hears rumbles of thunder in the storm clouds overhead.  He can make an observation, like, “Wow! That was a loud rumble of thunder.”  This report is a simple observation of a natural event.  1.748 palabras más


to Socrates

                                      bust of Socrates





                        The way to gain a good reputation

                                 is to endeavour to be what you

                                      desire to appear”Socrates



having lost faith in the natural  197 palabras más

In Search Of Beauty

Ancient Philosophy Notes

Here’s some notes I took over the first two weeks of my Ancient Philosophy MOOC course.

Interested in taking this course? Follow this link:


An Interview with Grand Secretary Jerry W. Kopp (Part One)

Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Numbering: Issue 9.A, Idea: Outliers & Outsiders (Part Five)

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal… 2.989 palabras más