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Anaximenes. The Last of Milesian School

The last of the Milesian school was Anaximenes. He, as Thales and Anaximander before him, tried to identify the single substance out of which everything is made. 542 palabras más

Milesian School

HoP #2 Infinity and Beyond

Peter discusses two very early Greek philosophers, both from Miletus: Anaximander and Anaximenes.

Anaximander-was slightly younger than Thales (maybe his student), made a Sundial, the principle of all things is infinite (in both time and space), ‘Things come to be and are destroyed according to necessity.

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Classical Philosophy

WHITECAP WET: Tubing the Sacandaga River

The clouds are threatening rain on this very hot summer day, but there’s not a thought in our mind about cancelling. We came to get wet, so raindrops won’t deter us. 1.152 palabras más

Mike Kelsey

PR and Philosophy: How are they related?

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is more than just the reason that hipsters go to college.

Philosophy is the ever-changing and multifaceted answer to life’s biggest questions. 484 palabras más


Anaximenes från Miletos tros ha varit ca 24 år yngre än Anaximander och kan ha varit hans elev eller samarbetspartner. Man vet inte mycket om Anaximenes liv förutom att han skrivit en bok. 436 palabras más


The Unity Of Opposite

Unity of opposites

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The unity of opposites was first suggested by Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC) a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. 1.246 palabras más


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Thales (624-546 SM)

A. Latar belakang
Thales adalah salah seorang filosof yang berasal dari Miletus, sebuah koloni Yunani di Asia Kecil. Dia mengawali sejarah filsafat barat yang sebelumnya berpikir secara mitologis dalam menjelaskan fenomena alam. 1.732 palabras más