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Tell me, do you have a pulse?

Ande curled tightly around her nest and the three gooey green eggs in it. Finally, since her daughter Lock was born, the chocolate cherub-patterned Ridgeback had a nest. 317 palabras más

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Impact Investing and INGOs

Newly released!  Amplify: The INGO Value Proposition for Impact Investing.  The report provides fantastic insight into how INGOs are engaging in the impact investing space. 108 palabras más

Social Enterprise

Day 118 part 2

Got this done right after screencapping stuff for Day 120. Here is the continuation of the 30-drop battles after Mani died.

Day 16

I have to use a ton of potions to stay alive, but I’m managing. 32 palabras más

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Day 101 part 2

Sorry for lateness. Long, busy day.

Onto the party generation for yesterday’s plant drop!

Ande be up first~!

Ieremiya finally joins the Coliseum squad! Whoo! 78 palabras más

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Day 92 part 2

Okay, onto Woodland Path for yesterday’s 40 battles!

Battle 1

So far, so good. As usual.

Battle 2

And the level ups begin right away! 35 palabras más

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So much death in this nest

Well, all the guys in this nest died. WTF, Pinkerton?

And I really wanted Tet to live. GDI…

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possible LymphAnde babies

Forgot to post this yesterday…

Lots of color variety. Looks like the odds are in the Ridgeback’s favor for breeds…

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