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Why are taxpayers forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Ontario ombudsman's pricey commute?

Taxpayers have forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars so the Ontario ombudsman could commute between Toronto and Ottawa for the past decade.

André Marin has claimed $206,821.16 in housing expenses for just a fraction of that time — from  Oct. 565 palabras más


Amherstburg cited by ombudsman for closed meeting violation

Amherstburg council met behind closed doors last December to discuss an issue that they were not allowed to discuss, according to the Ontario ombudsman but the mayor said they have learned from their error. 321 palabras más


Reevely: Toronto's treatment of its ombudsman strengthens André Marin's case for oversight

Toronto’s city ombudsman, Fiona Crean, is leaving her job this November, announcing Monday she won’t be seeking a renewal of her contract. Toronto city council was supposed to debate an extension, and it wasn’t a sure thing; she’s leaving on her own rather than become a political football. 444 palabras más


Reevely: Hydro One's threats to cut customers off 'cruel and deceitful,' ombudsman says

Hydro One is a “cruel and deceitful” company that’s threatened to cut off delinquent customers’ electricity even though it has a policy against doing so, Ontario ombudsman André Marin reported Wednesday. 680 palabras más


Ontario Ombudsman details 'shocking' billing practices at Hydro One

WATCH: The Minister of Energy won’t tell Hydro One to stop sending out false threats of imminent disconnection but criticises them for their customer service. Alan Carter reports. 491 palabras más