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The meaningless dullness of human eloquence ~

“Oh, how one wishes sometimes to escape from the meaningless dullness of human eloquence, from all those sublime phrases, to take refuge in nature, apparently so inarticulate, or in the wordlessness of long, grinding labor, of sound sleep, of true music, or of a human understanding rendered speechless by emotion!” 
― Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

Anthony Hopkins hears the waltz he wrote 50 years ago for the first time.

And the Waltz Goes On, Happy Birthday Sir Anthony Hopkins:

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          This is a wonderful video of Sir Anthony Hopkins hearing this waltz he wrote for the first time. 122 palabras más

On Transitioning to 2017

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2016 is about to end, and we will usher in 2017 … so a toast to you – my readers and those in your life. 73 palabras más


Christmas in London/Pentatonix

Christmas in London/Pentatonix