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Food and Music - Italian

There is always nice music playing in a restaurant that goes well with the food we are eating. I want to talk about the different foods and music of different cultures. 196 palabras más

Music Appreciation

André Rieu - Under the Stars - Live in Maastricht V - Full Concert

༺ 😃 ༻ OMG!

This concert is absolutely amazing! I Enjoyed it tremendously.

I recognized most of the songs, but it was a great surprise to hear a wonderful waltz that a very famous actor has wrote.

Check out who it is!

André Rieu

Is there JOY in heaven?

Have you ever wondered how the saints and believers in heaven will all find joy in being there TOGETHER?

Some of us worship here on earth in a very reverent way… while others want a more informal type of  service.   532 palabras más

Boyer Writes

Andre Rieu ~ New Year's In Vienna

A New Year’s concert with the famous Andre Rieu.

Enjoy! ~ V.