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I Will Follow Him by Andre Rieu

Musician and Conductor André Rieu performing “I Will Follow Him” live in Maastricht with his Johann Strauss Orchestra and a huge choir. The amazing singers in the choir really make this performance come to life as they sing along with the music. 26 palabras más


Just don't mention Rieu

Another week another fawning article about André Rieu and what we can learn from him to spice up our boring conventional concert experience. His form of entertainment is a very old type of  frothy intellectually disengaged affair. 327 palabras más


It's National Lasagna Day! Get Jazzed about Food and Music - Italian

There is always nice music playing in a restaurant that goes well with the food we are eating. I want to talk about the different foods and music of different cultures. 202 palabras más

Music Appreciation

#MusicMonday Anthony Hopkin's Waltz

Hey dreamers!

So here’s a bit of inspiration for you. Before he had movie star dreams; Anthony Hopkins actually wanted to be a composer! However, he was afraid to share his work, so he let that dream go and went for acting instead. 125 palabras más


Now That's A Music Concert!

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Obviously I’ve been living under a music rock. When I went trolling for YouTube videos today about outdoor/indoor summer concerts I stumbled across this mega show World Wide Tour with a HUGE stage. 65 palabras más

Quirky Fridays

Ode to Joy

It has been said that happiness is something you choose. In our culture we have the “right” to pursue it. But I find that happiness is ephemeral at best, fleeting, elusive, and subject to circumstance. 286 palabras más


The OutLawed Tunes Of Logic Coming Back Full Speed Ahead. Amazing Grace.

Andre Rieu

When A person stops responding to logic they are legally, criminally insane. A single fetish (unhealthy relationship with) can block logic.

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