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Andre the Giant: Life and Legend Review

Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot of comments about how big Andre the Giant was in this piece; not much I can do about that because he looms so big (see!?) in both pop culture and wrestling culture. 1.087 palabras más

2015 Reading Challenge

The Top 10 Wrestlemanias of All-Time

Wrestlemania, the Granddaddy of Them All, the Super Bowl of Wrestling, the Showcase of the Immortals, etc. Every March/April, wrestling fans come together to watch what is known as “the end and culmination of the wrestling year,” Wrestlemania. 2.167 palabras más


[Wrestling] Match of the Day: Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre The Giant (Saturday Night Main Event)

When it comes to those that love pro wrestling, their education is never finished. You can live your whole life as fan of wrestling and still never see everything that their is to see, so much rich history that you weren’t around for or went right under your nose. 227 palabras más


MNA: Macabre

Last night I got really into weighing my life and thinking about all I’ve not accomplished and the likes of that.

So I decided to look into why I always feel so miserable about things and how instead of avoiding the misery, I keep letting it come back. 400 palabras más

Mobile Update

Who is This Sexy Young Man?

Its Andre the Giant!

(So my brother called me tonight and we talked for over 90 minutes.  That was my writing time.  In order to keep my daily goals I had to post something.   17 palabras más


Brian Cox and Anthony Weiner Walk Into a Bar

Brian Cox and Anthony Weiner Walk Into a Bar


Part 1:


Brian Cox and Anthony Weiner walk into a bar. The man checking i.d.’s at the door is clean-shaven and thorough, though Weiner appears agitated at being submitted to such a process and mumbles something like “Cox, what’s this guy doing? 2.166 palabras más

Slam University - André the Giant

Welcome to another episode of Slam University, a bi-weekly podcast chronicling the legendary careers of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots! 103 palabras más

Slam U