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First things first, in the morning, stand up, Achilles pain, should stretch my calf while I graze grass and suck at the power teat of my milk-producing moo mom, my moomy,  Mumm-Ra was the bad guy on Thundercats which surprisingly hasn’t been made into a movie, they’re remaking The Mummy, the Brendan Fraser one, now with Tom Cruise, but no Thundercats, no Voltron, no by the power of grayskull I have the gray matter remember that from Breaking Bad, Walter White and the other guy’s last name was Black, combined it was gray, which reminds me of Clear & Present Danger, not black or white, right or wrong, and I told about equality and it’s true either you’re wrong or you’re right, Bob Barker spinning the big wheel, sexually harassing chicks, but he’s old and white and privileged, what do you expect, I like the spinning tea cup ride at Disney or maybe I don’t, maybe it’s too spinny, from parade pinwheels to kids doing cartwheels, fart-meals fart-meals fart-meals, breathe in the sulfurous eggs, my soul-Fast-and-Furious, along with my tinkles in the toilet like a porcelain piccolo staccato Chicken Piccata topped with the Great Muppet capers and some Lemony Snicket, that’s another book/movie I don’t care about like oxygen and air and breathing and flush it all down, flush away the toxins, flush away the memories, flush away the flesh, the weak flesh soft and pliant and compliant and giant too many giants, Andre, the Iron, the BFG, that James Dean movie from the 50s, he’s dead, I haven’t seen it, anyone want a peanut?

262. Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Andre The Giant

March 31, 1985
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

The $15,000 Slam Match. The conceit of the contest is that Andre must bodyslam Studd to win the 15k, and if he cannot, he must retire. 135 palabras más


"In wrestling, nothing exists unless it exists totally"*...

As Jesse Ventura once explained, professional wrestling is “ballet with violence.”  Reuters photographer Thomas Peter spent time recently exploring the world of Japanese women’s pro wrestling.   294 palabras más

5 Fantasy WWE Matches That Never Happened

The WWE has had a barrage of amazing wrestlers over the years. From amazing technicians like Daniel Bryan, to all-star high flyers such as Evan Bourne, to unstoppable power forces such as Goldberg. 615 palabras más


A Look Back at Andre the Giant

Andre was of the most popular of the wrestlers for the 70s all the way into the 90’s. If were still alive today, he would have turned 70. 862 palabras más

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