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Steve Strong,  André the Giant,  and the Asshole Named Hulk Hogan 

It was always a blast going to the Paul Sauve arena to watch professional wrestling on Monday nights. As a young teen, before Monday Night Raw, I enjoyed the live wrestling circuit. 393 palabras más

This Is a Great Photo of Andre the Giant Palming a Turkey


— Old Wrestling Pics (@OldWrestlingPic) November 24, 2016

Photographs of Andre the Giant are always spectacular. Like Yao Ming, he tended to be taller than the people he was pictured with, often by absurd magnitudes.

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Ric Flair Just Said That Andre The Giant Drank 106 Beers One Night

Ric Flair appeared on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Thursday afternoon, and of course the interview was a classic from the get-go. We’re not even through the first half-hour and already we’ve heard a ton of amazing stories. 187 palabras más


WWF – November 10, 1985

After a couple weeks of NWA television we return to the World Wrestling Federation and head to Toronto, Ontario for another classic house show. Taking place in November of 1985, eight days removed from the last SNME, sadly this house show is just a couple matches but should be good. 1.838 palabras más

Andre The Giant

Tag Team Tuesday: The First Survivor Series Main Event

With Survivor Series less than two weeks away, we look back at the first ever Survivor Series on Tag Team Tuesday.

We see multi-man tag team matches on wrestling programming all the time now. 106 palabras más

Hulk Hogan

Sunday Sermon: Best Big Men in Wrestling

Craig Wilson, Russ Morgan, Brian Damage,  John Carbery and Jamie Lithgow 

In recent weeks we’ve had a serious of hugely entertaining Sunday Sermons. Whether it was… 984 palabras más