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Ask Professor Popcorn: Revenge of the Nerds

Dear Coach,

Although Takashi’s culture switch may seem jarring and nonsensical, I of course (and I alone) know the true reason for this strange change. You see, before the big event at the talent show, Lambda Lambda Lambda had been competing in Greek events all day, many of which you saw on screen. 404 palabras más

Ask Professor Popcorn


WWF. You may know it as the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE, with pro wrestling stars like Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Hulk Hogan…”What are you gonna do when HulkaMania runs wild on you?!”, 285 palabras más

Goliath's Fall: What You Never Knew About The Late Life And Career Of André The Giant

Hulk Hogan has said a lot of despicable stuff in his life, but among the most shameful things to come out his mouth is his claim that… 1.683 palabras más


Friday Nights Fights #8

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am your host, the Baumeister.  It’s the beginning of the weekend for all of you 9-5 ham and eggers out there.   82 palabras más


Intro: Why Pro Wrestling is Entertaining to Me

I’m sure any pro wrestling fan reading this newborn baby of a blog has been told that age-old cliché from his or her friend:

“You know it’s fake, right?” 381 palabras más

Pro Wrestling

Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams (WF001)

The WWF was hot in 1985! They had been on MTV and NBC. WrestleMania and Mr. T were a thing! Which means it was time for the WWF to invade the home video market. 1.961 palabras más


NBA Picks - Thunder were under

GP seems demoralised with the Thunder’s defense. I have not seen the game because I was reveling in the Cavs v Mavs. Interesting that GP has the Mavs as a best bet +8. 430 palabras más

NBA Predictions And Gambling